15 homemade vegan ice cream to relax all summer – 100% vegetable

Vegan ice cream is increasingly commercially available and is a very good thing for animals and all people who want to feast without exploiting it. But when you look closely at the list of ingredients, you realize that vegan industrial ice cream has the same profile as non-vegan: very sweet and often filled with additives that we would do well. In addition, their cost does not always make them accessible to everyone (I am thinking in particular of small budgets and large families). The ideal solution: make your own ice cream using ice cream sticks or an ice cream machine (low cost devices are more than enough to use 3 months a year). You have sorbets, Sundays, frozen popsicles and, why not, frozen alcoholic cocktails to serve as an appetizer for adults. Stop cold !

/// STICKS ///

1 • Cucumber and Mojito Popsicles
2 • Strawberry, melon and lemon rocket

3 • Lassi vegan mango ice cream
4 • Mini ice cream as mojito shooters (alcoholics)
5 • Rainbow rockets

6 • 100% fruit ice cream
7 • Glazed sticks with yogurt and acai
8 • Small watermelon and raspberry ice cream with rose


9 • Mango-melon and lemon zest sorbet
10 • Coconut, chocolate and mint Stracciatella
11 • Vegan Sunday

12 • Yogurt ice cream and raspberry coulis
13 • Pineapple and lime sorbet
14 • Coconut, ginger and lime ice cream


15 • Mysterious orange blossom and pistachio heart

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