Atelier Maggi – Regional Recipes

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to participate in a very nice participatory workshop with Maggi where I had the honor of representing my region, northeastern France! Organized expertly by Requia, this workshop aimed to make people discover in a good mood the regions of the four corners of France around Maggi products. The Northwest was thus represented by Cathy, the Southwest by Audrey and the Southeast by Khala. Our challenge: make 3 recipes that represent our region in 1h30 all inclusive !!

Therefore, get out of my Asian recipes this time, I drew from the multitude of Alsatian specialties that I love so much! First big concern: time! I quickly realize that our good Alsatian recipes are often boiled with love for hours and hours: / And I only have approximately 30 minutes per recipe! My little brain turned and turned the question and three nice, friendly and quick recipes came out!

On the menu: Fleischschnaecke with DuoLino Maggi broth, sauerkraut with sauerkraut and dip munster with Maggi Aroma and Fleischkiechele as the grandmother and her sauce in the heart of the Maggi beef broth and mushrooms. And fortunately, a shock team supported me well in the realization of my 3 Alsatian recipes: thanks to CriCri, Marina, Myriam and Stef who grated, sliced ​​thinly, kneaded, etc. masterfully, everything came out on time!

Simple but delicious recipes prepared in teams, which joined squid with peppers, Breton pancakes and other gougères with blueberry jam on the tasting table. An excellent way to end this workshop, with a glass and terribly gourmet and tasty dishes while chatting in the kitchen (obviously!). In short, a very nice workshop, very friendly!

And now? It's up to you to play since Maggi has selected a recipe from each region to participate in a battle! Go to the Maggi Facebook page where an application will allow you to vote for your favorite recipe! And these are my little form of grandmother Fleischkiechele who were selected to proudly represent the Northeast!

Do you want to support my recipe easy, fast and absolutely delicious? (I sell it well, isn't it?: O)) Then there is no more time to waste, go here (click) and vote for the Northeast region.


And in a few days find the recipe on the blog! Pay attention!