Blog opening: the life of the blog

Good morning to everyone,

I am Sandra, I am from Strasbourg and I start writing my first blog today … and yes, it has taken me a long time to start, but I am finally entering 21º century!

The idea of ​​making a food blog had already germinated in my head for a long time, but I had never decided to start. I regularly consult several blogs and I don't feel able to do the same … And behold, there are only fools who don't change their minds, I'm finally starting!

Why ? First of all, because I have been passionate about cooking for years, I like to experiment with all new things, I collect household utensils and robots and cooking is for me a real moment of relaxation and creation. Then, because very often people ask me for my recipes and, by force of distribution to the right and left, I told myself that in the end I could make it possible to benefit more people through a blog.

I stop making this presentation there (not to make you run away immediately !!!) and I hope you enjoy my gourmet recipes ^ _ ^

See you soon

Sandra, addicted to cooking