Charlotte and Bailey's iced coffee

A delicious Charlotte iced coffee, decorated with cookie rats for Halloween!

Today I offer you a delicious dessert that, although it is a bit long, it is really worth it! In addition, you can easily do it beforehand by coating it with ice at the last moment 🙂

The foam is made on the basis of a sabayon, it is a little longer to achieve because it is necessary to beat the egg yolk and the sugar mixture to the water bath, but this will bring a lot of softness and softness to the ice cream, then it is worth it ^^ I admit, at home I cheat because I use my Cooking Chef to make this sabayon, suddenly I just have to set the temperature to 50 ° C, the timer for 10 minutes and whip at high speed … I love this robot and I offer you a small test article very fast, as soon as I get my head out of the water ^^

And as Halloween is always on the blog, and to change a little bloody eyes, I suggest you decorate your charlotte with horrible and delicious little chocolate rats! Optional, of course, if you do this Charlotte for another occasion ^^

So will you be tempted?

Ice cream Charlotte Baileys, Coffee and … Rats !!!

A delicious Charlotte iced coffee, decorated with cookie rats for Halloween!

Preparation time: 40 minutes

Total time: one day

portions: 8 people

  • twenty spoon cookies
  • 5 c. Soup coffee

For coffee ice cream mousse

For the glaze

  • 60 ml liquid cream
  • 30 ml Bailey
  • one c. Soup agave syrup
  • 80 g dark chocolate

For rats

  • fifty g dark chocolate
  • two c. Soup thick cream
  • 100 g chocolate chip crumbs
  • 6 red candy or bigarreaux for the eyes
  • 6 sliced ​​almonds for the ears
  • 3 black dragibus for the noses
  • 3 son licorice for the queues
  • 6 pine nuts for teeth

Ice cream mousse

  • Place the egg yolks, half the sugar and the liquor in a double boiler or in a metal container placed in a double boiler and mix until the mixture becomes foamy and thickens without ever boiling (approximately 10 minutes). Remove from heat and continue beating the appliance to cool it.

  • Beat the whipped cream incorporating the coffee extract in it, then fold gently into the previous apparatus.

  • Beat the egg whites until they are rigid with the remaining sugar, when the meringue is firm and bright, add it to the coffee maker.

  • Add the chocolate chips, mixing very gently so as not to drop the foam.

  • Quickly dip the cookies with a spoon in the coffee, then place them around the entire periphery of your mold covered with an adhesive film, with the curved side towards the wall of the mold, then pour the foam into the coffee.

  • Cover the top completely with a cookie spoon, with the curved side in the coffee foam to form a flat and straight base. Press gently and cover with an adhesive film, then place it in the freezer overnight.


  • Bring the cream, liquor and agave syrup to a boil, then pour it several times over the chopped chocolate.

  • Mix well to obtain a smooth and homogeneous device. Put in a jar and let cool. When the glaze begins to set, remove the charlotte from the freezer, unmold it and place it on a rack.

  • Pour the glaze over the still frozen charlotte to cover the top and overflow a little on the sides (you can also cover the entire charlotte if you're greedy). Return to the freezer for at least 2 hours.

The rats

  • Melt the chocolate and add the thick cream and 70 g of chocolate chip crumbs.

  • Mix well, then cover with transparent film and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours. Take the dough with a spoonful and mold in the shape of a pear (the elongated part that forms the nose of the rats :).

  • Roll each rat into the remaining chocolate chip crumbs, then place the caramel to make the eyes and nose, the almonds in flakes for the ears and the pinions for the teeth.

  • Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Before serving, place the small rats in the charlotte and place a piece of licorice to form the tail.

tested 100
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