Chinese dumplings with Cook-Expert | Audrey Cuisine

I love my Cook-Expert, I use it as an employee in my little kitchen. It is ideal for making soups, compotes, mashed potatoes, steamed basmati rice (too good!), Béchamel sauce for gratins and many other uses. I say uses instead of recipes, because it is rare for me to use it to prepare and cook a dish from A to Z.

Why ? Simply because I like to cook, mix my pots without letting a robot do everything for me. But there I used it for mix the stuffing of my chinese ravioli and I wanted reuse the tank to cook the broth (without cleaning it, the mixed chicken continues to flavor the broth), and whenever you use it too Cook the ravioli up in the steam basket.

It was perfect, the level of dishwashing, so it was reduced to an absolute minimum, my soup and my meatballs were ready at the same time! The only thing to consider is the capacity of the steam basket. For 4 people, it's a little tight and you have to make two batches of ravioli to cook.