Christmas Log Contest 2012

In two weeks Christmas will be here! It's time for me to start my traditional Christmas contest ^^ And yes, I want to pamper you again and, above all, like last year, I can't wait to contemplate your magnificent Christmas record achievements ^ ^

You had more than 30 years to participate in 2011 and that gave an excellent collection of records, all more beautiful and original than the others, which inspired me when I made mine 🙂 Therefore, I suggest you again this year to participate In Myself

Log Christmas Contest
from December 10, 2012 to January 10, 2013

This year's theme will be "Original Christmas Yule Log"; that perhaps in its presentation, its form, its perfumes, etc. in short, you have a carte blanche, let your imagination fly! As it will be difficult to prove all the records, the photo and, therefore, the aesthetics of the record will be very important in the election of the jury;)

How to take part?

1) Make your Christmas registration and publish the recipe with at least 1 photo on your blog. Don't forget to include the contest logo and a link to this page to indicate that you are participating in the contest. (If this is an old recipe, republish it so that it reappears) {here is the logo link: /logo_c10.jpg}. If you don't have a blog, send me your recipe with at least one photo to contact (at)

2) Come and send a comment to this article with the link to your recipe to confirm your participation before midnight on January 10, 2013. Only the links published in the comments of THIS article and the recipes sent by email.

3) Beginning January 11, 2013, all recipes will be published in an article and Internet users can vote for their favorite recipe until January 20, 2013 at midnight. At the same time, the jury composed by Agnès of the blog "Bikini et Gourmandise", Réjane of the blog "In the food for love", Sandra of the blog "Ok ce bon", a person from Cerf Dellier and I will also vote for our favorite recipe . .

5) Winners will be announced after January 25, 2013.

What we win

The winner will receive a very gourmet package offered by Cerf Dellier, which I will complement with some delicacies;) (package value: more than € 60)

Rules and Rules of the game

1) The recipe should not be copied completely from a book or other blog, of course, you can be inspired by existing recipes by modifying them. Also, the photo submitted must be from you.

2) Due to postal costs, the contest is only open to people with an address in France where the prize can be sent.

3) For the votes of Internet users, only one vote is authorized per person. Votes that do not comply with this instruction will be removed.

4) Voting system:

– Internet user votes: the vote will be carried out through the comments from January 11 to 20, 2013 and will give the 3 main Internet users. These revenues will receive 3, 2 and 1 point that will be counted on the jury votes. During the voting period, comments will be moderated and will not appear until January 21, 2013.
– Jury votes: each member of the jury will select their top 3 and award 3, 2 and 1 points to these recipes according to their preference.
– The recipe that gets the most points will be the winner!

5) This voting system is chosen to take into account both the opinions of Internet users and the personal opinions of jurors. I think that gives everyone a chance. By participating, you agree to respect the final choice of the winner.

6) The winner will be informed at the email address he used in his registration comment.

It's up to you!