Cooking on a wood fire and smoked, Reunion

Francois Morel

Francois Morel

It's in the Hauts de Sainte Anne in The meeting that we met Mr. Morel Its construction is not the easiest to detect, right in the middle of the sugar cane fields, thanks GPS (damn, but how we did it before). What I didn't know when I arrived was that we had also traveled in space but also in time. Philippe is a fervent advocate of the agricultural and culinary traditions of Reunion and loves to cook as he used to. In addition, his apron says so and is in Creole:

The lontan lé la flavor in Mr Morel (The taste of yesteryear is at Mr. Morel's house).

It was in his scam that he led us when we arrived. Boucan is a steaming kitchen and I can tell you that with Philippe, happiness is not in the meadow but in the boucané.

The smoked?

Yes, smoked, smoked meat. They can be sausages (to make rougail), chicken, duck, beef, pork.

So we used to store meat He explains. Now we are talking more about duck or smoked chicken than duck or smoked chicken, but the product remains the same.. To smoke the meat, I use wood from different trees: letchi, longani or jaborosa. The different essences add flavor to the smoked product..

Watching Philippe cook is going back in time: the pots, the old pressure cooker, the smoke, the sausages hanging over the home. There is no fridge or hob.

You will say well, the meat is good, but what about fruits and vegetables?

Well, you don't have to go to the market to get it, you just have to go out and use it. Nature is generous. And as Philippe says, in Reunion, we are lucky, when fruits are not ripe, it is enough to cook them as vegetables.

On the menu for that day:

=> Red palm almond salad, collected in the garden:

=> Rougail sausage (smoked by him) served with cilaos and rice lentils

=> And for dessert we have what philippe called a small ravaz namely, apples in the air and cambarre, cooked in sweet syrup and vanilla, all served in the dream of brèdes. Surprising and very good.

We really enjoyed sharing this moment with Philippe, living this authentic and warm experience. We discover the richness of our surroundings and no longer look at nature in the same way. No need to go to stores. As we say here, we dive into the lontan time and the food goes directly from the garden to the kitchen. Only the shorts are true.

Philippe Morel is passionate, fascinating and shares his knowledge with pleasure, either during these workshops or through his Association for the Valuation and Preservation of the Hauts de Sainte-Marguerite Heritage (AVPPHSM).

A short video:

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If you go through Reunion, especially do not hesitate to live this experience. Practical information is on the website of the tourist office here: from the fields to the plate at Mr Morel & # 39; s.

AVPPHSM – 106, chemin Lamandière, Saint-Benoit, Reunion