Customer’s opinion: Kitchen Utensil 10-piece Set by Kitchen Guru – Cooking Utensils Including Silicone Spatula, Non-Stick, Non-Scratch, Cooking Utensils Set – 10 Piece Silicone Cooking Utensils Set For Every Home

Price: $20.98
(as of Apr 16,2021 23:48:25 UTC – Details)

Kitchen Safety Reigns Supreme
Not only is our silicone cookware FDA approved and made of BPA free materials, it also prevents chipping and scratching of your nonstick pans which could lead to bits of the nonstick coating getting into your food. While nonstick cookware is perfectly safe to cook on, it should not be considered a tasty treat to be consumed!
Ensure that all of the dishes you serve your family are free of nonstick chips when you use our heat resistant silicone cooking set.
Upgrade Your Kitchen Utensils
If you’re like most families, you’re probably using half-melted kitchen utensils that once had distinctive appearances but now vaguely resemble overly large sporks. Throw that melted mess out and replace them with our upgraded and sophisticated silicone set. Boasting 10 pieces, this kitchen utensil set has everything you need to make a wide variety of meals for your family from pasta to pancakes and mashed potatoes.
Flexibility Meets Strength
Durable stainless steel shaped into ergonomic handles is the rugged base of our utensil set. Topped with flexible yet heat safe silicone, we’ve created the perfect combination of materials to make your job in the kitchen so much easier. With a generous number of tools to choose from, the right tool for your kitchen job is within easy reach of your fingertips.
Whether you’re giving this kitchen utensil set as a gift or keeping it for yourself, add this cooking utensil set to your shopping cart now and enjoy easier, safer cooking.

FDA APPROVED, BPA FREE KITCHEN GADGETS: Each one of these silicone kitchen utensils is made with premium quality, food grade safe silicone. Rugged and durable, this long-lasting utensil set will not rust or melt from usage. Ensure your family’s safety with these BPA free, FDA approved kitchen gadgets.
10 PIECE SILICONE COOKING UTENSILS SET: Featuring a silicone spatula, this 10 piece cooking set provides you with all the cooking utensils you need to make every day dinners for your family. From slotted spoons to generous ladles, these kitchen tools are an exceptional addition to any kitchen.
PROTECT YOUR COOKWARE: Our cooking utensils set features the highest quality silicone heads created to protect all of your non-stick pots and pans. Your cookware is a substantial investment and these heat resistant utensils will not scratch or chip the non-stick coating on your pots and pans.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG: Fashioned to be used every day, our cooking utensils set features the perfect combination of lightweight silicone and rust free, highly durable stainless steel to make cooking fun and easy. The no slip, ergonomic handles ensure a firm grip that gets the job done.
IDEAL GIFT SET: From weddings to bridal showers and house warmings, this versatile kitchen set makes the perfect gift. Your recipient will think of you each and every time they make one of their kitchen creations using the spatulas, and silicone heat resistant kitchen tools you gave them.