Dirty children Starsbourg – restaurant test

This little opinion (somewhat enigmatic title, I assure you, but you will understand in a few lines!) Inaugurates a new category entitled "What would happen if we went out?" "Being a passionate about cooking and a lover of good food, I really like to try restaurants at lunchtime with colleagues, at night with friends or with friends … so why not take advantage of it?

I had lunch today at noon with my friend Emeline at "Les Sales Gosses" in Strasbourg and I was really delighted with this little restaurant, which made me want to create this section 😉

It is located on the Clemenceau Boulevard in Strasbourg, the street is very off-center and you will not be there by chance as a tourist, you really have to want to go there!

The showcase is really nice and blunt with these brown and aniseed colors, but it is especially the "Les Sales Gosses" sign that attracts attention! Inside, it is very cozy (large bistro-style benches), always in the same color code with large "fresh" murals of children's drawings.

The map is presented in the form of a large blackboard that moves from one table to another as it arrives. The principle (which I find really original and interesting) is that the chef makes you "travel" every 6 weeks to a new culinary destination. For our lunch, the theme was the Atlantic (it will be Burgundy at the beginning of the school year)! From this theme comes a daily suggestion and a varied menu.

As it was the first time we went to this restaurant, we both opted for the suggestion of € 13.80 + main course.

On the menu: The house snack that is titled "soberly" Zizi Currency "(That's all for the explanation of the title!) And it's none other than a kir with red wine and guignolet kirch! Really original and delicious!

Vegetable dessert with goat mousse and carrot coulis => Really very very good, fresh and light, in addition, the presentation is neat, which does not spoil anything. For when I think of the photo we were done!

Single-sided salmon on carrots accompanied by their small rats and homemade eggplant => the cooking of the fish was perfect, I have never eaten so well! Bearnaise: a real massacre, especially in small potatoes! Again good presentation and beautiful dishes.

And as we are big sweet tooth, we add, to finish with style, a tiramisu with salted butter caramel on Breton disc, there is no word to express the bomb that this dessert is, one thing is sure is that it would inspire me for an upcoming recipe !!! (Too fast swallowed = no photo unfortunately!)

Keep in mind: all cakes and ice cream are "homemade."

In the end with the coffees, the addition amounted to € 25 per person, which represents a very good value for money given the quality of the products and the presentation of the dishes.

Add to all this superior, professional, fast and very friendly service, in short, this is an address that is really worth it! It's simple, we have already planned to return in September to discover Burgundy!

Practical information:

The Sales Kids
56 bd. Clemenceau
67000 Strasbourg (France)

Open Monday and Saturday from 7 p.m. at 11 p.m.
and from Tuesday to Friday from 12 p.m. at 2 p.m. and from 7 p.m. at 11 p.m.
Closed Sunday all day