Duck soba noodles wok

Sauteed noodles are prepared throughout Asia, with different versions depending on the country or region in which they are cooked. I love for example the Bami Goreng, Sauteed Indonesian noodles, Pad Thai with shrimp or yakisoba Japanese.

The recipe that I am offering you today is certainly nothing traditional or typical of a country, but it is my recipe, made with what I had in my closet and the result was really very good.

Compared to other recipes, the sauce that I incorporate into my wok will be easier to make if you don't have an Asian grocery store nearby, just a large area with a section of world products. I love adding Mirin to my wok, but when I made this recipe it was gone.

With respect to the vegetables used for this recipe, the trio is perfect because it cooks quickly and brings different colors to the whole. And the small strips of grilled duck breast are perfect for that extra gourmet touch.