Easy apple and quince cake – Fruit dessert recipe

A beautiful autumn cake full of flavor.

Boring and withered apples in the fruit bowl, puff pastry de la galette des rois, compotes thrown in the fridge … and here is a quick cake that will use all these ingredients! Because cooking also consists of accommodating leftovers and emptying cabinets, while you enjoy and have fun 😉

Apple Pie and Quince

A beautiful autumn cake full of flavor.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: fifty minutes

Total time: one time

portions: one cake

  • Butter a cake pan and spread the puff pastry. Click on the bottom of the cake.

  • Sprinkle with brown sugar and spread the two jars of compote over the dough.

  • Peel the apples, remove the seeds and cut them into thin slices. Place the apples on the cake.

  • Heat the quince jelly and then brush the top of the cake. Bake 50 minutes at 160 ° C.

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