Frangipane choco hazelnut cake | Audrey Cuisine

The epiphany is over, but the galettes des rois It is for the whole month of January! So, to change the brioche crowns, I threw myself into a frangipane, flavored with chocolate and hazelnuts, my darling is not very fond of almonds.

This cake was really great, and very fragrant A great success that has pleased everyone who tried it, still warm. However, to succeed too, here are some tips to know:

  • Puff pastry: I don't do it myself, maybe one day, so I buy it in rolls ready to unwind. Be careful to choose a thick paste (see the weight of the pasta that varies by brand) and pure butter for a much better taste result.
  • Hazelnuts: I buy whole hazelnuts and mix them in my blender. The flavor is more intense than hazelnut powder. If you have time, roast the hazelnuts in the pan for 5 minutes before mixing, this will reinforce its flavor.
  • Wait time : you must assemble the cake and leave it at least 3 hours in the refrigerator. To brown the puff pastry well and it swells perfectly during cooking, it must be very cold and the oven very hot. So we store it in the refrigerator until it's in the oven and take the time to preheat the empty oven before cooking.