Gluten-free and egg-free banana bread

Banana bread, this cake that has been around the world three times, that came to the blog with a recipe for baby banana bread like a great cake, and that lands in front of you in its vegan version of banana bread and gluten-free .

I didn't like bananas for a long time. Find out if they are the memories of banana-flavored antibiotics, if it is because my mother ate them too green and it seems horrible even now, or if it is because my grandmother ate them too ripe and it seems horrible, even now.
In any case, for many years, the banana was not allowed to sit in my house, until I discovered the creamy porridge and ended up trying to put a banana in it.
Sometimes I didn't necessarily dare to break many bananas in the organic supermarket, so I had too many, and often I had too ripe bananas, impossible to eat as they are.

Meanwhile, my consumption has changed a bit anyway. Like chocolate, tea or exotic fruits (especially mango), I have stopped buying these products that are still foods that come from afar, which are often produced in conditions that can barely dominate, in distant countries.
So I return the food that travels more than me in a year to go to my store, instead: exceptional and precious foods, and therefore to be consumed more sparingly.
I know that for some who still do not eat the season and eat cherry tomatoes without distinction if it is August or January, it is difficult to conceive, but these are products that have a real impact. In these cases, I try to imagine that most people, at the same time, had never seen an orange or drank hot chocolate: the place acquires its full meaning and we quickly find a logic ;-)!
Banana is one of those foods that would be a shame to spoil, right?
Hence the reason for this banana bread!

Gluten-free banana bread

What is banana bread?

It is literally a banana bread.
Initially, in addition, it is rather a real bread, like the loaf (of bread, therefore), with bread yeast or yeast, but with banana suddenly.
So, not necessarily something sweet, like a dessert, but rather a bread, on which we would spread things, with a banana flavor.
The fact is that over time, and certainly also, because everyone does a little of that with their decaying bananas, it has become more of a dessert.

Banana bread vegan

Make vegan banana bread

So, if we start with the basic recipe, we are in bread, so the bread does not, in theory, contain anything animal.
On the other hand, in most recipes found on the Internet, banana bread often contains eggs.
To replace eggs in vegan desserts, bananas are often presented as an alternative, especially in cookies. In fact, any fruit "mash" does the job, and the banana is not the most neutral, but in our case, it is enough by itself to replace the eggs: guaranteed binding effect!

Vegan Banana Bread

What stage of ripeness of bananas for a banana bread?

Then, of course, it would be a lie to say that any banana that crosses your path will be a banana to banana bread.
You can often find very green bananas in the supermarket, given the fragility of the latter once the ripening process is underway, I think they are harvested very green!
Greens, they are not very sweet and very rich in starch, and the more time passes, the more banana becomes sweet and aromatic, with the characteristic flavor of the banana we all know!
A banana that darkens in a large part of the fruit is a banana ready to jump into the large banana bread bath. From the moment it begins to have a truly gelatinous texture, it emits a fermented smell and is molded, look no further: it will be a very good fertilizer for your indoor plant or your garden ;-)!
Zero waste yes, that also applies to your body!

Banana bread and date caramel sauce

Gluten-free banana bread: amaranth flour

I had in my closet a mixture of gluten-free flour, yellow corn and amaranth (received from the brand), and I really didn't know what to do with it! I must admit that I still have a great deficiency in the gluten-free product and that I have worked very little in this category. What a shame!
Gluten is not the devil, I try to limit its consumption because it is not the most digestible food, but neither does it deprive me of it because I am not intolerant in the proper sense of the term.
But when it's good, we don't care if it's gluten free, egg free, butter free. And this banana bread is good.
I didn't know amaranth flour, but it has a very good nutritional profile, rich in iron in particular, proteins, but also in fibers. It is very digestible, but its flavor requires that it be cut to avoid having an excessively marked taste, since it tends to become bitter.
Difficult to replace, because it is really very special, it provides moisture and softness to gluten-free preparations …
Then I went to ask Marie for advice from the Allergique gourmand blog, an allergen-free blog full of good ideas (which I advise you to follow!), Which directed me to a mixture of buckwheat and cornmeal, possibly with a little guar gum
I have to let some bananas age to try it with cornstarch, rice flour and chickpeas (in equal parts), because this is a trio that works well in general.
Whatever happens, to replace the flour with gluten, we always use a group of gluten-free flours, because we reduce the disadvantages of each and increase the benefits!

Finally, if it gets into the shell as if it were not allowed and you don't want to bother with gluten-free because you don't care, replace it with wheat flour. For once, I try to do good to everyone, don't get in my way, incredulous!

With what to eat banana bread?

For breakfast, banana bread is a good cake!
Of course, you can spread it as you like, like homemade bread. I made this recipe with a caramel date sauce and it's a way to add a sweet side without falling into refined sugar that I wasn't particularly looking for once.
It is delicious with fresh fruit, in compote cubes, with vegetable yogurt.
In small portions, it can be made in mini cakes, easy to put in a bag to taste or 10 hours.
Anyway, you see, we easily found how to swallow it, but I still put the date candy recipe ;-).
While we get along, I think the word candy really doesn't make sense here because it doesn't taste like candy. It knows dates, huh? But it's good!

Banana Bread without Egg

Gluten-free banana bread

Banana bread without eggs, lactose-free, gluten-free: in short, banana bread for everyone!

Preparation timefifteen min

Cooking time25 min

Type of plate: dessert

kitchen: French

portions: 6 people

  • 125 g banana very mature
  • one banana for the top of the cake
  • fifty g vegetable oil suitable for cooking *
  • 120 g gluten free mix ethicable brand of corn and amaranth
  • 1/2 sachet chemical yeast without gluten
  • 90 g vegetable milk
  • 40 g sugar full type of scratch
  • one to pinch Salt final
  • In a salad bowl, mash the ripe bananas to puree.

  • Add milk, oil and whole sugar and beat.

  • Finally, add sifted flour and baking powder.

  • Mix and put in a circle or a greased and floured mold (mine was 18 cm in diameter, do not hesitate to double the recipe if you do not have molds of this size.

  • Cut the last banana in half and place it on top to decorate.

  • Bake at 180 ° C for about 25 minutes: the top should be golden brown and a blade should come out dry.

The vegetable oil I use is a mixture of oil that I buy in the organic store: it is special for cooking. Its flavor is neutral, but it has the advantage of not deteriorating in high temperatures.