Guénard Oils – Plaisir-Goumand

I am happy to try new flavors Guénard oils.
Made since 1824 in Loir-et-Cher using craft methods within the company La Compagnie des Saveurs.
The Guénard brand offers a wide variety of quality oils, with a pronounced flavor that perfumes its preparations, both salty and sweet.
Thirty different gourmet oils, allowing you to offer a wide range of exceptional flavors, both classic and original.
You can find your products in certain supermarkets, delicatessens, specialty stores and on your site.
I had the pleasure of receiving 3 oils (sesame, almond and peanut)

The bitter sweetness of this 100% virgin almond oil accompanies both salty and sweet. This virgin oil of golden color is of high quality. It has optimal nutritional qualities, as well as the characteristic flavor and fineness of almonds.

Sesame oil is a staple of Asian cuisine. Its flavor and smell of roasted seeds are intense and exotic. It has optimal flavor qualities and has the distinction of supporting the kitchen well.

This peanut oil is a true explosion of flavors. Its pronounced peanut smell will surprise you as much as its flavor. This oil is obtained simply by pressing the roasted and ground peanuts.