How to make homemade vanilla sugar?

Homemade Followers you're probably asking yourself the question of how to make homemade vanilla sugar tastier, natural and less expensive than the one found in supermarkets.

But now, let's crack the tags. Have you carefully looked at the composition of the vanilla sugar sachets you buy? Because we often try to deceive ourselves and make ourselves dream of mentions that hide the truth.

These are the products that can be found in the list of ingredients for vanilla sugar sachets:

  • Vanilla pod sold out: It is a vanilla sugar punctuated with small black dots, so we believe that there are natural vanilla pods. Well, no Exhausted vanilla is a vanilla bean that has already been used for another use in the food industry, there is almost no natural flavor, there are no more seeds left, and it is the pods that are mixed in a super fine powder to give the impression of natural vanilla. As this vanilla powder has almost no flavor, there is an added flavor in vanilla sugar.
  • Natural vanilla flavor: Attention a natural aroma or not an industrial aroma. There is not the slightest natural vanilla molecule in a natural vanilla flavor, only "natural" is observed because its manufacture is carried out by fermentation of fungi that are manufactured by vanilla fermentation, vanilla flavored molecule, but not of a vanilla bean.
  • Natural vanilla extract: this is good it is the real vanilla that enters its composition, pressing the vanilla pods to extract an extract that is then dehydrated and mixed with sugar. Sugar flavored with natural vanilla extract is more expensive, sometimes there is sugar that contains natural vanilla extract used in lower doses and supplemented with a natural vanilla flavor that costs less.

And the other solution to make real vanilla sugar without artificial flavors, without chemistry, is my recipe:

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How to make the recipe cheaper?

Instead of using new vanilla pods, theIdeally, use pods that were used for a recipe. For example, if you used a split vanilla pod for a custard, rinse and dry the pod gently before putting it in the sugar. She will still have beac

And every time you use pods for a recipe, add them to your sugar jar.

For cane sugar, you can use blond or roux. I buy mine in organic stores in large bags of 5 kilograms. Well kept I keep it for a long time, and for easy use I keep it in large glass jars.

How to make vanilla sugar for a lifetime?

As soon as you use sugar, after a month, add cane sugar regularly. It is mixed with vanilla sugar, the regular addition of vanilla pods improves the taste of your sugar.

After a while, remove the old vanilla pods when you feel they have given all their flavor.

Why does my sugar solidify slightly?

Because vanilla pods bring some moisture. This does not compromise the taste of your sugar, you just have to mix it with the fork regularly because it is natural without additives.

What recipes should I use it for? What quantities

This vanilla sugar is used in sachets. Basically, a bag of vanilla sugar is a good teaspoon of homemade vanilla sugar. It is perfect for cakes, pancakes, homemade yogurt, cocktails and all other recipes in which you use vanilla sugar in sachets.

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Where to buy vanilla pods?

Vanilla is a product that is not given away. The more people participate in the sale of vanilla, the higher its sale price. If you are enjoying a trip to a vanilla producing region, it is a perfect solution, then it should be stored in a glass jar in the dark.

I'm a fan of different vanilla offered by Mohéa It specializes in vanilla from around the world, because they are different according to their origins. Now i have a vanilla cellar full of different vintages of vanilla that I love. It is a great gift idea to be offered (or offered!)