Italian melon – salad recipe

Here is a good dish, quick to prepare and delicious, either as an entree or as a main course. To decorate with a few basil leaves that I unfortunately lacked … it is still terrible not to find a single small basil leaf in stores during this period !!! So I resigned myself to sprinkling my dried basil salad … how sad ^ _ ^

I'm really going to have to place a small square of aromatic herbs on my balcony … or better yet, I saw "Aerogarden" to put in the kitchen, which grows the herbs in hydroponics! That appeals to me, has anyone tried one?

Preparation time: fifteen minutes

Total time: fifteen minutes

Type of plate: entry

kitchen: Italian

portions: 4 people

  • one cantaloupe mature
  • 8 slices raw ham
  • one ball mozzarella
  • two branches basil
  • two c. Soup balsamic vinegar
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • With a large sharp knife, cut the melon in half and then empty the seeds with a small spoon. Cut each half melon into 4 slices. Remove the skin from the melon slices.

  • Cut the mozzarella into slices, salt and pepper and then sprinkle with a little olive oil on each slice.

  • Place a slice of mozzarella on each slice of melon and then let it rest while wrapping it in a slice of Parma ham. Season with balsamic vinegar and chopped basil, serve cold.

tested 100

Marie-Pierre – blog reader

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