Java ice cream 2019, Marie Laforêt x Jay & Joy – 100% Vegetable

Last year, we collaborated with Jay & Joy vegan dairy to create a range of vegan, organic and healthy ice cream. I had presented this collaboration here. This year we present three new fragrances and a new composition. We listened to your comments about the recipes, and you wanted more classic flavors, in that we have been working in recent months with Mary, co-founder of Jay & Joy and creator of all dairy recipes. .

We have also refined the texture of ice cream, to get as close as possible to classic ice cream but also to industrial vegan ice cream without sacrificing the values ​​of the composition: no abundant additives, only 2 organic additives: Guar chewing gum and fiber of acacia. We have also worked on a fat / sugar balance that allows the healthiest recipe possible while retaining indulgence. All ice creams are made from artisanal and complete almond milk (we don't throw the okara, it is more nutritious and produces less waste) and for yogurt ice cream with Jay yogurt made from fermented Jay & Joy Creamery rice.

The three new fragrances are:

• Yogurt and raspberry coulis (total freshness!)

• Crunchy almond and hazelnut milk (a classic classic!)

• Peanut butter and cookie (pure delicacy!)

This weekend at the Veggie World show in Paris, you can discover these three new vegan and gourmet ice creams at Jay & Joy's booth, where I will sign on Sunday after my culinary demonstration with Mary at 1:30 p.m. Don't miss coming to say hello!

Each recipe has been worked individually, so we are not in a simple variation of flavors. The textures are ultra soft and the fact that the ice creams are not very sweet means that they are never disgusting even if you eat a large bowl (believe me, I tried it!). They will combine well with the gourmet coverage: fruit coulis, choco or caramel coulis, whipped cream and can even marry all three on a vegan banana.

The ice cream will be available first at Jay & Joy creamery, 5 Rue Paul Bert in Paris, then at various organic and vegan stores. To follow the outlets and all other useful information, ask Jay & Joy, and / or follow them on social media!

Ice creams will be available in small jars of 150 g (approximately 3 tablespoons) and in a larger format thereafter. Pay attention!