Leek croquettes – The vegetable croque-monsieur

In the series "let's eat leeks in all sauces", I present my version croque-monsieur but croque-leeks!
A completely vegan version of the classic classic and a delight.

Croques-monsieur without meat

The traditional croque-monsieur recipe

Because it is still good to return to the basics before shoveling them and deciding that we will not. (N?)
The croque-monsieur is a hot sandwich, which is usually garnished with ham, cheese, and is usually spread very generously with butter, cream or béchamel sauce.
After doing well what you want, but it is heated in a waffle maker (my machine, for example, knows very well how to make the croque-monsieur unless it is still necessary to spread the bread), or in the oven, which method I find the least restrictive and the most guarantor of my immeasurable laziness.

Leek croque like a croque-monsieur

Make vegan sandwiches

Well, once we eliminate everything that is animal (like in the restaurant you know, where they serve you green salad without sauce), you only have toast to eat, GOOD APPETITE! (What a waffle recipe, I hope you share it with your whole family!
Personally, I consider that margarine does not taste good enough to have my favors in bread, so in a crisis, it is the same.
In this version of croque-leek, I told myself that it was better to remain creamy, and for creamy, we can make bechamel, very soft! The great advantage is that the bechamel gratifies.
Because I have to admit one thing: all the commercial cheeses, which are destined to melt, seem disgusting to me. It's often made with coconut oil, and it's simple, I only smell that. So I prefer to do without it and possibly dream of the day I have the courage to redo a homemade processed cheese.
To replace the ham, of course, you can buy slices of vegetables, but I don't like that either, so I opted for another solution: tempeh.
For people who find it expensive / not good, you can replace it with flavored tofu (like smoked tofu that blends beautifully with leek) or marinated tofu.
And otherwise, as part of the legumiades (#legumiades on Instagram and to find in the Facebook group for vegan and seasonal cooking), I wanted to add leek and mustard fondue.
Because he remembered distantly that occasionally there was mustard in some croque-monsieur and that he found it delicious!

Monsieur croque with tofu

In this version of croque-leeks, there are two critical points: leeks and bechamel.
If you want to get a crispy crunch, you will have to make sure you drain the leeks well, or rather, evaporate the moisture from them. And secondly, have your bechamel thick enough.
Otherwise, you will eat a very soft and unattractive sandwich.
Of course, and despite everything, the crisis is still wetter than the traditional version, as it remains vegetable.
For the sandwich bread, I took a classic organic sandwich bread from the store, but obviously we can make your homemade recipe. For that, you can start with the bear garlic brioche and make it simple, without decorating it. The hardest part will be to cut it thinly and evenly, but if you like the challenges in your life, continue! 😉

Yesterday I presented my recipe for mustard and mustard fondue, today it takes place in a sandwich. A good idea to prepare a batch cooking session in advance and make several dishes!

Croque-monsieur vegetarian recipe


Like the traditional croque-monsieur, but a vegan recipe, based on leek and tempeh or smoked tofu instead of ham.

Preparation timetwenty min

Cooking time10 min

Type of plate: Main dish

kitchen: French

portions: 4 croque monsieur

  • 3 leeks
  • 30 g margarine vegetable
  • 30 g wheat flour
  • 250 g vegetable milk (here, soy)
  • 1/4 c. coffee Salt
  • one to pinch nutmeg
  • 400 g tofu or tempeh
  • twenty cl vegetable cream
  • one c. Soup mustard delicate
  • one c. Soup mustard old fashioned

Preparation of leek fondue with mustard

  • Rinse the leeks, remove the damaged leaves and the leek base. Open the leek in half lengthwise (I was going to write "gut the leek" but the trolls could come and talk about the shout of the leek), and easily remove the first leaves.

  • Rinse well, then detail in thin strips (it will be better to eat in the abs and especially it will be faster to cook!). Steam for ten minutes (you can also cook them in salt water, but I prefer to steam).

  • Drain the leeks when they are tender.

  • In the pan, put the cream and dilute the mustards in it. Add the leek and let it reduce well, so that the preparation is as moist as possible but still creamy.

Preparation of vegan bechamel

  • In a saucepan, gather the margarine, then, once it has melted, the flour. Mix: you will get a bubbling mixture.

  • Then add the milk little by little, beating over medium heat. Each time the mixture thickens, add the milk.

  • In the end, when you have run out of milk, let it thicken until you see the traces of the whisk. Add salt and nutmeg and stir well.

Preparation of leek croquettes

  • Take slices of white bread on a plate or on a baking sheet.

  • Spread the first slice with bechamel (a generous layer). Place some mustard fondue on it.

  • Finely cut your tofu or tempeh. For the latter, you can boil it before (at the bottom of your vaporizer at the same time as leeks) so that it is more tender. In the same way, you can toast the slices made in the pan: if the crunch does not stay, the flavor does.

  • Place the slices on the leeks, add the leeks, then close with a slightly extended slice of bechamel. Finish with a final layer of bechamel, which you can sprinkle with malted yeast to get a cheesy taste.

  • Bake at 190 ° C for ten minutes, until the crunches are golden and crispy.

  • If you prepare them in advance, they may get hot in the oven, but they will tend to be a little softer, especially because the vegetables will tend to dip the bread.