Margaux Migliore – Health Educator

Are we responsible for our diseases?

Today, society and allopathic medicine tend to make us less responsible for the disease.

As a patient, it is easy to rely on the body and soul of our doctor to adopt the "victim" posture without really trying to understand the origin of the disease. The problem is that in doing so, we quickly become dependent on our doctor and then on medicine, which will fight the disease for us. However, it is essential to realize that we can be actors in our health.

In some cases, we are aware of the negative impact of our lifestyle on our health and we clearly see its role in the onset of our diseases. But sometimes it also happens that the disease seems like a fatality, an unfortunate coincidence that affects us.

Then we can legitimately ask the question of our "degree" of responsibility for the disease.

I will not make the suspense last long because the answer is simply that we are entirely responsible: we create our health as we create our diseases. Here are some explanations.

Why do some people get sick under similar conditions and others don't? Is it a matter of shame, healthy lifestyle, bad luck?

“We don't catch diseases like magic. They only thrive in fertile land. "

In naturopathy, the concept of terrain corresponds to our ability to adapt to different situations of life, the environment, external aggressions. The stronger the terrain, the less likely we are to get sick because our immune defenses get stronger. On the contrary, the weakened soil clogged with an unhealthy lifestyle allows the disease to settle and develop.

From one individual to another, the terrain is different, because the factors that influence are very numerous and change over time : constitution of birth, vital energy, food, stress, rhythm of life, place of life, age, mental and emotional profile … Therefore, we do not have the same needs or the same pathological predispositions as our neighbors.

"That's why in a family that makes the same walk through the forest and where everyone is well covered, some catch a cold and others nothing at all."

Change your perspective of the disease.

Physiologically, the body naturally knows how to handle waste. In normal situation, these organs "exit door" of undesirable are eliminated by the emunctories. There are :

  • The kidneys that filter the blood and eliminate waste products through the urine.
  • The intestine through defecation
  • The airways that release our volatile acids on exhalation, as well as mucus.
  • The skin through perspiration and sebum.
  • The liver (and gallbladder) that classifies waste and redistributes it to other immunities.

Most of the disorders that we call "diseases" are, in fact, only signs that show that the body has accumulated too much waste and is mobilizing its energy to correct the situation and support the work of the emunctories. So facing functional disorders like flu, diarrhea, stomach ache, bronchitis, skin problems, etc., we can say 2 things:

  1. The body has accumulated too much waste (the sources can be numerous: dirty food, stress, negative thoughts, sedentary lifestyle …) and this disrupts its normal functioning.
  2. The good news is that you have enough vital energy to launch self-healing mechanisms.

It is certainly encouraging but not always pleasant, because these dysfunctions and saving reactions are expressed in symptoms.

"The goal of naturopathy is to understand the origin of the disease by studying the person's soil, their level of dirtiness and the vitality available, to offer natural solutions to support the body's healing mechanisms."

Instead of demonizing the disease, we must try to understand it because we can relieve many disorders with a little common sense and many good and natural things :).

See beyond the physical body.

So far I have told you mainly about our physical body, but we are not just that! We are also made of energy, thoughts, emotions … All these more subtle bodies have a considerable impact on health, but we tend to underestimate them. Sometimes the solution (in fact, almost all the time) is not in the body but in the resolution of an internal conflict.

Dr. Bach said: "We get sick when our daily actions are not in line with our thoughts, deep aspirations."

In fact, we are always making commitments to life, which keeps us from our deep aspirations. Because everything is linked, this ends up creating energy blockages that materialize sooner or later in the body in the form of diseases. It is as if our internal guide only had this last solution to make us realize that we are not on the right path and that it is time to change.

As an example, most people who embark on professional adventures that fascinate them, but are full of risks and uncertainties, have already gone through these phases in which the body says to stop. They waited to burn, lightning sickness, depression to finally ask good questions and make really positive changes (and how brave) in their lives.

"Supporting healing means allowing the body to regenerate by accompanying it in a holistic and holistic process. It is certainly necessary to take care of the physical because it is our base, but not to believe that the problem is limited there. You have to dare to work on the emotional side, sometimes even in spirituality, the deep meaning we give to life. "

The importance of a healthy life and education in disease prevention.

I think that Everyone must have a clear basis for managing their health from childhood. Why is it not taught in school? Couldn't we create a material in our own right? Who would build a society of more autonomous, responsible, happy, productive people who care for themselves, for others and for the environment?

There is still a long way to go, but great initiatives begin to emerge and the madness for naturopathy fills me with hope <3. Now you can better understand what drives me and pushes me to develop my activity as a health educator. I simply wish to democratize health, make it accessible to as many as possible, while sharing my joy and my passion for the body (s) and traditional holistic medicines.

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