On the Italian coffee route, from Milan to Rome

Nespresso - Ispirazione Roma

Nespresso – Ispirazione Roma

How do you know if you follow me on Instagram, I visited 2 days in Italy with Nespresso Last week and I confirm it: Going to Italy is ALWAYS a good idea. Whether culture, architecture, environment, food, wine, coffee …. I love everything.

Have you ever wondered why coffee was so linked to Italy? You cannot say that it is a producing country 🙂.

In fact, it was Venetian merchants who introduced it to Europe around 1600. And already in 1615 coffee was consumed regularly in Venice. Later, in 1884, it was in Turin where an Italian inventor, Angelo Moriondo, created the percolator who, by pressure, served the famous Coffee express, this short and full-bodied coffee. And finally, on my way to Rome, I discovered that it was in this little cafe, the Sant & # 39; Eustachio, where the idea of ​​a machine that provides maximum aeration of the water that passes through a capsule was born. Individual coffee Eric Favre, the inventor of the process, sought to reproduce the coffee flavor of this Roman bar considered one of the best in the world. Too much for the story.

The coffee is good, but it will still cost you 2.50 euros to sit on the terrace. #There is.


If I tell you all about it, it's because Nespresso is launching a new range, Italian Ispirazione, Redesign of its "intense" range (Kazaar, Roma, Ristretto, Arpeggio, Livanto) for those who know. With these new coffees, the famous brand is being developed different coffee profiles, typical of certain Italian regions. Because yes, the taste of coffee is not necessarily the same throughout Italy. In the south of the peninsula, coffees have more body, inspired by Ottoman coffee, while in the north, coffees are more delicate, more elegant. What will change the flavor, with the exception of coffee species (in very large Arabic or robust), is the roasting of the beans (cooking time and temperature). The more intense the heat, the more the grain is roasted and the stronger the coffee. Everyone will find your account. My favorite, after tasting, is the Italian Ristretto.

Here are the different aromatic profiles in this new Ispirazione Italiana collection:

  • Ispirazione Napoli – Intensity 13: stronger, thicker in the mouth, darker cream color (new)
  • Ispirazione Venezia – Intensity 8: lighter and fruity, more fluid texture (new)
  • Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar – Intensity 12
  • Ispirazione Ristretto Italian – Intensity 10 (my love)
  • Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio – Intensity 9
  • Ispirazione Genova Livanto
  • Ispirazione Rome – Intensity 8

Find it in the Nespresso stores and on the site since January 31.

Too good, right? When I told you that Italy was always a good idea 😀.

Ticket written in collaboration with Nespresso