Pistachio Macaroni – Macaroni Recipe

This is a scent of macaroni that I love: pistachio! If you are also a pistachio fan, try this ganache recipe, inspired by Pierre Hermé's (with some personal modifications); It is to die for: creamy and fresh, with a true pistachio flavor!

For a little crunch, some broken pistachios in the shells and more, it's pretty!

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: twenty minutes

Total time: one time 10 minutes

portions: 25 macaroni

For helmets

  • 70 g egg white
  • 140 g powdered sugar
  • 80 g almond powder
  • twenty g powdered sugar
  • food coloring green

For the pistachio paste

For the ganache

  • one bud
  • 60 g liquid cream
  • 10 g Butter
  • one sachet vanilla sugar

Pistachio paste

  • Roast the pistachios quickly in a dry pan. Meanwhile, prepare a boulé syrup with sugar and water. Pour the syrup over the pistachios, add the aroma and almond powder, mix well and let cool. Pass the mixture in the blender to get a fine grind. Reserve the dough.

The ganache

  • Take 35 g of pistachio paste and mix it with the warm cream. Bring everything to a boil. Meanwhile, beat the egg yolk with vanilla sugar.

  • Gradually pour the cream over the sugar / egg mixture, while mixing vigorously. Transfer everything to the pan and heat gently until it thickens. Be careful, the cream should not boil. Sure and let cool. Add the soft butter, then film on contact and let cool.


  • Mix the icing sugar and almond powder and then sift everything. Beat the egg whites until they are rigid, add the icing sugar and beat at maximum speed to obtain the "bird's beak" (the whites form tips when the beater is removed). Add a green dye edge and mix well to obtain a uniform color.

  • Gradually incorporate the mixture of powdered almonds / icing sugar by working the dough with a maryse (this is the macaronnage). The mixture should be bright, smooth and form a tape when falling. Once the correct consistency is obtained, place the device in a soft pastry bag.

  • Place small domes of about 3 cm staggered on a sheet of parchment paper. Sprinkle half of the crushed pistachio husks. Let a crust form for about twenty minutes. Place the dish containing the macaroni on another empty plate and bake at 130 ° C for 20 minutes. At the exit of the oven, let cool before removing the shells.

Let the decorated macarons sit well for at least 1 night in the refrigerator so that they soften inside and become crispy on the outside.