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Praline ♡ – Les Gourmandises de Titenoon

Hi all!
Today a small basic recipe, a basis for several small things that will definitely end up in the blog later.
I wanted to make my praline because I planned to cook a vegan Trianon, and for that, you need praline. YES, BUT the chocolates in stores are not vegan, and if there are any vegans, I imagine they cost an arm.
So I decided to do my praline, and to do it, you must start with … the praline!
The praline is not difficult to do, but it is a bit long and you have to succeed in candy … The rest is just happiness (when you put it in the happy family).
As usual, I give you all my advice here so you can make the most of your praline.
There is a good amount of praline recipes, some of which use almonds, for my part, I chose to do it only with hazelnuts ♡.
For this recipe you need a good mixer mixer. I have Vitamix in my possession and yet I didn't use it just to make my dough. I explain all this below.
He went!
We draw hazelnuts (and spoons)!


Preparation time: approximately 1 hour with all stages, including cooling.
Cooking time: about 10/15 minutes.

A hazelnut roasting pan (I also used stainless steel)
A pan to prepare the caramel (I use stainless steel)
A clean plate to cool caramelized hazelnuts
A good robot (or 2 ^^)
A clean glass jar to deposit the dough.

Ingredients for approximately 200 g of praline:
* 120 g hazelnuts (I take them organic and by weight)
* 100 g of organic blond sugar (I also take it organic and by weight)

First, weigh your ingredients.
Put the sugar in the pan, don't light the fire yet, let's deal with the hazelnuts first.

Place the hazelnuts in a pan (fat free).
This may take more than 5 minutes.
Their hazelnuts are well roasted when they start to smell good, some lose their skin and others start to burn.

Let them cool (or not, I did it while they were still hot, have aie ten aie) and approximately remove the skins that were naturally removed when heated and try to remove those that are still attached to the hazelnuts with the fingertips. If there are still some hazelnuts in shell, do not worry, but avoid putting shells that have burned slightly. Put the hazelnuts in a bowl while preparing your caramel.

I always prepare my candy in the same way (without a thermometer, only in the eye and nose, stay ahead, shake your sense of smell and your intuition ^^).

Heat the sugar in the saucepan over low heat.
When you see that it starts to become a liquid underneath, lift the pan and turn your wrist to slide the candy well, as if to mix it without a spoon.
Put it back on the fire and then repeat until there are no more sugar grains and until the caramel is well formed: it will have a beautiful amber color and will begin to be completely liquid (a syrupy liquid, quite thick).
Be careful not to light the fire too hard thinking it will go faster, the sugar could crystallize and be lost …
Once the caramel is "fluid" and amber, place the hazelnuts in it, mix to cover the hazelnuts well. Leave on the heat for 30 seconds and then remove the pan from the heat.
Place the well-coated hazelnuts and the bottom of the pan (including the caramel, which has hardened a little on the sides and stuck to the bottom, on a plate. Let cool).

praline "class =" large-size-image
A star formed, it was not wanted ^^

Once everything is great and difficult, this is the longest part: mixing.

Break your caramelized hazelnut "dish" into your food processor.

Then I proceeded in 2 steps:

1 / I rudely mixed my hazelnuts with my old Seb Isco 450 W robot (keeps it comfortable).
So I started mixing several times (just not to overheat my robot), until I got a half-powder / half praline texture (Also, when I got beautiful pieces of praline, I took some for my future Trianon, so if you're here for the Trianon, take about 40 g of praline, that is, caramelized hazelnut in small pieces).
After a while, my big robot is no longer enough because the amount of caramelized hazelnuts is not enough to mix well, and everything is under the blade.
So I went to step 2: I also soiled my less old robot: the Vitamix.

praline "class =" medium-size-image

2 / I transferred the contents of my robot to my Vitamix, and we went out to mix the maximum power a few seconds in several times, always so as not to heat the robot engine, towards the end, I used the minimum speed to obtain a good smooth paste (It is not perfectly smooth by choice, once the dough is obtained you can mix it more to obtain a perfectly smooth texture, or less for a slightly grainy texture).

In doing so, I certainly have more dishes, but I had less need to wait between each mix due to the heating of the robot.
Of course, you can mix everything in a single robot until you get a good distribution, but be careful to save your robot so that the engine does not overheat.

And here is your praline ready!
Just transfer it to a glass jar while you wait to use it!

The sequel to the next episode. ◕‿◕

praline "class =" medium-size-image