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I often talk about it, I have already been treated like a hawk for having used his exact name … I think it is time to give him a topography on the salt of kala namak to offer him a moment of glory and finally respond to curiosity and questions about this product that I use a lot in vegan cuisine.

The different types of salt.

We rarely think of salt as an exceptional product with various manufacturing methods, so I'll take the basics!
Two large salt families to start:
– the rock salt : extracted in quarries or mines, it is a salt in "rocky" form. Therefore, it is digging solidly.
– the sea ​​salt : which is the salt contained in seawater. It is the one we know the most, especially because we have all seen the small drawings in salt shakers, but also because in France, you can visit several marshes.

Another distinction is that made between natural salt and refined salt.
the natural salt It is salt still rich in its minerals, and will have a very specific flavor that will depend on the type of salt and where it is harvested. It can be rock salt or sea salt: as long as it has not been "cleaned", it is included in this category.
the refined salt It is the one we find most frequently. It is very white (unlike the thick salt of Ile de Ré, which is sometimes very gray), and does not contain impurities. It is composed almost exclusively of sodium, and is often enriched in iodine, unlike natural salt that contains almost nothing (therefore, it can be useful to supplement with iodine if we consume only natural salt and not much algae!).
For information, refined salt is very often made of rock salt, which is diluted in brine, then recrystallized to give the regular powder that we all know.

What is kala namak salt?

By researching the subject a bit, I learned that kala namak salt is also called black salt, but that some of these black salts do not have all the characteristics of kala namak that are not very easy to find. Say it! I wonder if it looks more like a refining process than the type of salt, but I don't have the answer at this time.
It is a salt that comes from the Himalayas, a rock salt, extracted from the mines.
You will tell me, what interest go to get salt to the Himalayas when you have something in France?
Well, because salt has the distinction of having a very special flavor (in addition to its color), because it tastes like egg!
It is its richness in sulfur that gives this rotten egg flavor very recognizable. Premium on board is not HYPER SELLER, I guarantee it. In addition, it has become a tradition, when a comforter is in the kitchen and I use it, it is not done. He systematically asks what stinks like that.
In the mouth, be sure that it is very different, a little to eggs: it smells bad but not bad. We've all met these people in transportation or classes that had a picnic to kill an entire bus! That didn't stop them from feasting on their hard boiled eggs or their sandwich! Well, well, it's the same 😉

Salt Kala Namak

Where to buy kala namak salt?

This is the question that arises most frequently when I mention the issue of kala namak salt after "What is this salt?" "Where I obviously want to say" question on google! ".
They are located in specialized supermarkets, such as Mon Epicerie Paris and Un Monde Vegan in Paris for those who are lucky enough to be nearby.
I also found them in Noz & # 39; s. I don't know if you know this chain of stores, but I think we can describe it as a kind of outlet store where you can find everything and nothing! It is totally temporary in terms of stocks, so I just say it in passing, but I think, above all, it means that we find it more easily in other countries (most of the products in these stores are labeled in other languages).
Also, some readers informed me that they found them in Auchan.
It is also very easy to order, at The vegan shop (a very committed online grocery store that offers very beautiful products, especially in the area of ​​cheese alternatives), and Un monde vegan. It is also an opportunity to stock up on smoked sauce or soy protein with infernal texture that has nothing to do with those found in the supermarket, especially the fantastic food brand!

Himalayan black salt

Salt Kala Namak in vegan cuisine

In itself, when you cook eggs, I would be tempted to say that getting an egg-flavored salt in caves on the other side of the world loses its meaning a little, but when you no longer consume eggs, this! Salt becomes a Little wonder of ingenuity!
You should know that, like spices, just a little of this product to flavor. No matter how often I use it, the bottle I have doesn't go down much! You should know that its flavor is more powerful when the preparation is raw or undercooked.
When baking, I always use salt to add some flavor to the preparations. Sugar can be the raw material, but salt plays a very important role in improving the flavor in cooking. It is essential for me in pastry in custard or custard!

Vegan vanilla flan
Strawberry Shortcake

In the kitchen, I am not drawing you a picture, the Himalayan black salt is used to replace the taste of eggs in the most characteristic dishes, such as tortillas, vegan or quiche machine.

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