Recipes offered in the summer recipe contest.

Final stretch for the "Summer Recipes" contest: the deposit of the participating recipes ends tonight at midnight, you have some hours left to participate!

Find the terms of the competition in this article.

Important: to participate, indicate the link to your recipe if it is an already published recipe and put the links to the books chosen by my partner Furiae and her Cupcakes Magy Cupcakista and Summer Goesecake with redcurrants


Stella and her Nuttella chocolate ice cream

Magalie and her little rats of ratatouille, marinated bream and garlic cappuccino

their delicious strawberry / pistachio verrines

Marmot and its clafoutis with nectarines

Chesapeake and its Mini Pan Bagnat

bagnat bread

Lulu and zucchini stuffed with goat cheese

Smartizette with its Duck Terrine with Summer Fruits

duck terrine

Nicolette and her peach / verbena cupcakes

Bab and her strawberry and small Swiss ice cream

Pénélope and his rhubarb cake and his cloud meringue

Your magic cauldron salted cupcake accompanied by a tomato and goat ice cream

Sofigourmande and his pineapple and coconut cake

coconut cake

Elodie and her strawberry / raspberry tiramisu

Plumedange and its tiles with olive oil and rosemary

Your Vermists of Tiramisu Pêche

Alaró and <your rhubarb ice cream and strawberry coulis

rhubarb ice

her zucchini in verrines Rosita small Tomillo Romero

zucchini verrines

Chloé and its strawberry ice cream and white chocolate coulis

Roseline and her Maman Fujiia Bouillabaisse and her tomato salad

Eva and her Peppers and Parmesan Madeleines

your raspberry sorbet

Gen and his Peach Tatin, Cyril Lignac style

Cécilia and her Apricot Mini Cheesecake

Gabysmum and his tomato crumble

Gallou and his raw ham and melon salad <

ham and melon salad

his melon and mango dessert

mango melon dessert

A gourmet and her naked Charlotte with strawberries


their tomatoes stuffed with prawns


Isma and her strawberry pie

your Provencal poppy rice

Lou and his Tomato Tartar with Guacamole

your melon sorbet with raspberry coulis

Gourmet notebook with its coral plum cake and chocolate cake and fondant currants

Sabrin3 and its Gougères stuffed with cod, onion and peppers

your pistachio ice cream, raspberry coulis and whipped cream on your tulip

Julia and her verrines in the colors of the sun

Samira and her rose sprouts <

cabbage with rose

To win: books of your choice on the site (within the € 60 limit) Starting tomorrow, find all participating recipes to vote for your favorite!