red bean spread

I think others went to the pillory for less than that, but I decided to put the word "hummus" with something more than chickpeas. I hope they save me the death penalty, at least while I deliver the recipe for this delicious variety of red beans.

Spoiler: I shot this recipe in August, fresh cherry tomatoes are those from my garden half a year ago, don't put me on the gallows haha.

Red bean hummus with sun dried tomato

Hummus or spread?

So I'm going to put you in the juice, if you don't have it, hummus that means "chickpeas" in Arabic, so clearly the first time I called "hummus" something without chickpeas, I got a blower.
But hey, I didn't do Arabic lv2 in college suddenly, I couldn't know before.
Now I know, but for obvious reasons of SEO (nobody will look for "red bean spread") I decided to remain rebel forever and call it red bean hummus because I don't translate literally, I just keep the same procedure, except that they are more chickpeas.
FORGIVE those in advance for whom this word means chickpeas when they see it. I'm really sorry.

Red Bean Propagation

Red Bean Propagation

One thing is certain in any case, is that the spread of red beans changes and feels good. No matter how much I like classic hummus, or its variants, I often make bowls made with rice, vegetables, spread and other things (put seeds, sauces and other ingredients in this category). Suddenly, variations are welcome!
In this almost red bean hummus, we have red beans, it's not surprising. I also put some dried tomatoes, smoked paprika and some tomato paste.
It is a very soft and slightly sweet paste that can be eaten alone!

Red beans and sun dried tomato

Red Bean Hummus

A variant of hummus made from red beans, for snacks or mixed bowls.

Preparation time10 min

Type of plate: appetizer

kitchen: French

portions: one bowl

  • 250 g Beans cooked be a medium can
  • 6 tomatoes tomatoes confit in oil or sun-dried tomatoes
  • 1/2 c. coffee Salt
  • 1/2 c. coffee smoked paprika
  • 1/4 lemon for its juice
  • one nail Garlic
  • one c. Soup olive oil
  • one c. Soup tomato puree
  • Mix all the ingredients (of course, peel the garlic, but I prefer to specify haha).

  • Adjust the texture with a little water if necessary.

  • Serve with bread as an appetizer, in its mixed bowls, as a base for your sandwiches …