Results of the summer recipe contest – Contest

Look, the votes are closed since midnight and it's time to choose the winner!

First of all, I would like to thank all the participants and the many voters: 49 participants and more than 300 votes, I am very happy that my little competition has pleased them so much and this encourages me to offer one again soon (continue ^ _ ^).

All votes are now visible to everyone in this article (click). I would like to point out that not all comments that did not respect the rules were counted (votes without an email address, not to mention the person we are voting for (?) Or voting for 2 participants, double, triple votes, see quadruple with the same email address, etc.)

The winner of the contest is Chloé and her strawberry ice cream and white chocolate coulis.

She wins the books she chose herself, offered by my partner

  • breads,
  • Larousse des desserts by Pierre Hermé,
  • Small pastry larousse

Chloé, I invite you to contact me (click on the contact tab at the top of the page) to give me your postal address to send your lot.