Strawberry Macaroni Tagada

Sweet Strawberry Macaroni

I had the pleasure of receiving all the necessary material to make macaroni, so I threw myself last weekend in the realization of these small delicacies and I must admit that I really had fun doing them.

What better recipe could have been the first new aspect of my blog! As they were made, I had many ideas for perfumes that occurred to me. I feel that in the next times there will be experiments in my kitchen!

Strawberry Tagada Macaroni

Sweet Strawberry Macaroni

Preparation time: twenty minutes

Cooking time: 17 minutes

Total time: 57 minutes

portions: 25 macaroni

For helmets

  • two egg white
  • 140 g powdered sugar
  • 80 g almond powder
  • twenty g powdered sugar
  • food coloring Red
  • Put the cream and the tagada of strawberries cut into small pieces in a saucepan and melt over low heat. Pour over the chopped white chocolate and cover for 2 minutes. Smooth, let cool and put in the refrigerator to prepare the ganache.

  • Mix the icing sugar and almond powder and sift everything.

  • Beat the egg whites until they are rigid, add the icing sugar and beat at maximum speed to obtain the "bird's beak" (the whites form tips when the beater is removed). Add a very small knife tip of red dye and mix well to obtain a uniform color.

  • Gradually incorporate the well sifted powder into the egg whites and mix with the silicone spatula (this is the macaronnage ;-). The mixture should be bright, smooth and form a tape when falling.

  • Make small domes of approximately 3 cm in your pocket with a plain socket on a sheet of parchment paper at regular intervals and in staggered rows. Let a crust form for at least twenty minutes.

  • Place the macaroni dish on another identical empty plate. Bake for 17 minutes at 120 ° C.

  • When they leave the oven, let the dishes cool for a few minutes, then remove the macaroni.

  • Glue the macaroni shells two at a time with a sweet strawberry ganache nut when it is completely cold.

tested 100

Marie-Pierre – Blog Reader

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