Summer Recipe Voting Contest – Contest

Here are all the recipes that participate in the contest, you have until midnight on August 31, 2010 to vote for your favorite recipe.

How to vote

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The author of the recipe with the most votes will win the books she chose on

To keep the suspense, the comments will be hidden until September 1, when the winner will be chosen ^ _ ^

1) Mamuria de Furiae Pourpettes

2) Cupcakista Gooseberry Summer Cheesecake Cupcakes


3) Stella Nuttella chocolate ice cream

4) Minute Ratatouille Verrines, Marinated Bream and Magalie Garlic Cappuccino

5) Gourmet strawberry / pistachio Magalie verrines

6) Clafoutis with La Marmotte Nectarines

7) Chesapeake Mini Bagnat Bread

bagnat bread

8) Lulu goat stuffed zucchini

9) Smartizette summer fruit duck terrine

duck terrine

10) Nicolette peach / verbena cupcakes

11) Baby strawberries and small Swiss ice cream

12) Rhubarb cake and its Pénélope cloud meringue

13) The magic cauldron salted cupcake accompanied by a tomato and goat ice cream Pénélope

14) Sofigourmande coconut and pineapple cake

coconut cake

15) Elodie Strawberry / Raspberry LeTiramisu

16) Tiles with olive oil and rosemary from Plumedange

17) Plumedange Peach Tiramisu Verrines

8) Rhubarb ice cream with strawberry coulis from Alaro

rhubarb ice

19) Zucchini in verrines Rosita small Tomillo Romero de Alaró

zucchini verrines

20) Strawberry ice cream and Chloé white chocolate coulis

21) Bouillabaisse de Maman de Roseline

22) Fujiia tomato salad

23) Cupcakes with peppers and Eva Parmesan

24) Eva raspberry sorbet

25) The Peach Tatin, in the manner of Cyril Lignac de Gen

26) Mini cheesecake with apricot Cécilia

27) Gabysmum Tomato Crumble

28) Melon salad and raw Gallou ham

ham and melon salad

29) Gallou melon and mango air gap

mango melon dessert

30) Naked Charlotte with Unegourmande strawberries


31) Unegourmande shrimp stuffed tomatoes


32) Isma Strawberry Cheesecake

33) Isma Provencal Poppy Rice

34) Tomato Tartar with Guacamole de Lou

35) Melon sorbet with Lou Raspberry Coulis

36) Gourmet Notebook Plum Cake

37) The chocolate currant cake and chocolate fondant with coralie

38) Gougères stuffed with cod, onion and peppers Sabrin3

39) Pistachio ice cream, raspberry coulis and whipped cream on your Sabrin3 tulip

40) Verrines in the colors of Julia's sun

41) Samira Rose Col

cabbage with rose

42) The cottage cheese cloud in a bed of strawberries with mint C-line

43) Youki steak tartare

44) Youki's fruit swimming duo

45) Surimi and Thon de Hamanour territory

46) Buddlehia lavender honey and wafer chips mousse

47) Pepper terrine with fresh Buddlehia goat cheese

48) Coralie Zucchini Scum

49) Rhubarb pie and Speculos Coralie stew