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Bonsai Trees & Plants: Gift Ideas from Harry & David

logo harry david square3 Unique Trees from Harry & David to Give as Gifts: Close family members can be the hardest ones to get creative gifts for. After all, you’re probably giving them something nice a couple of times a year for the holidays and their birthday. You’re first thought might be to send them flowers, royal riviera pearscheesecake, or wine, but after a while you might start looking for something different.

In that spirit, we’ve found a few really neat trees from Harry & David that will stay with them for a long time.

magnolia bonsai harry david

Bonsai Trees, Christmas Trees, & Wreaths from Harry & David

bonsai wine tree harry david

miyagi bonsai treeWine Grape Bonsai Tree: I was really into the idea of bonsai trees as a kid. This was the mid-80’s, so maybe Mr. Miyagi was my inspiration. In any event, a number of my friends who were kids back then are now in the stage of their lives where they are really into wine. (And finally capable of taking care of other living things)

So, instead of bringing a fancy bottle of wine to their house, why not consider giving them something really special in that spirit: a wine grape bonsai tree that produces wine quality grapes in the summer! Grown out at the wine grape-friendly climate of Harry & David headquarters in Southern Oregon, this little tree would look great in a bright spot in any home.

You don’t have to be a master gardener to take care of it, but it’s probably more appropriate for someone who has a track record of watering their house plants, or even a green thumb outdoors.

Tree & Plant Gift Ideas from Harry & David

blood orange tree harry david

Blood Orange Patio Tree: These little patio trees are about 2 feet tall, and produce miniature blood oranges. These special fruits are named for their dark, red flesh, and are sweet and tangy, with a bit of a raspberry flavor. They can actually be eaten right off the branch, or added to a fruit salad.

While most people might find a sunny spot inside to put them, this miniature blood orange tree would be great in a sun room or on the right patio. Did you know that cool nights when the temperature drops are the reason for the blood orange’s unique color? The color comes from a pigment called  “anthocyanin,” which also makes these oranges rich in antioxidants.

Another Bonsai Tree Gift Idea

california redwood bonsai tree

California Redwood Bonsai Tree – A redwood bonsai tree? Talk about an oxymoron, right? Kind of like “jumbo shrimp,” or “original copy” this is a mini version of the world’s tallest trees. Well, you certainly can’t fit one of the actual redwood trees into your living room. You might have high ceilings, but probably not the 350 feet that these trees grow to.

Like children in the Philadelphia school system, these guys don’t have much more potential for growth than what you see already. This makes them a great addition to a table or windowsill. The best part is that 10% of the sale price will go to the Redwood Forest Foundation.

Bonsai tree gift ideas from Harry and David

Still thinking of going a more traditional route? You can always send flowers, and get 20% off FTD here with this site-wide coupon.

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Valentine’s Day Coupons for Harry & David: 15% Off or Free Shipping

logo harry david squareHarry & David Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Well, this weekend is February already, and before you know it it’s going to be Valentine’s day. By the way, did you know that people spend over a billion dollars on chocolate and candy for Valentine’s Day? (That includes over 35 million of those heart-shaped boxes of chocolates!) You can help save a little of that with the coupons for Harry & David below!

valentines day ecard funny

harry david valentines coupons

Valentine’s Day: Send Gourmet Gifts from Harry & David!

With all of the gift options online, somehow I still end up being the winding line of guy in line at the supermarket at 5pm on Valentine’s Day. This year is going to be different. I’m ordering Harry & David’s Valentine’s Day Tower of Treats instead, which features some of Harry & David’s famous pears, along with Moose Munch popcornCheesecake Factory, and chocolates.

harry david cheesecake bon bons valentines

A Gourmet Alternative to Sending Flowers

Yikes: The dark origins of Valentine’s Day! Being a frugal person, the annual coupon code for a 20% discount is enough to make me feel even better. Speaking of coupons, if you are among the 64% of men sending or buying flowers this Valentine’s Day, consider our exclusive coupon code for a 20% discount at FTD(The total amount spent on flowers actually eclipses that of candy, totaling nearly $2 billion!)

gingerbread trailer valentine harry david

Harry & David Flowers & Wine on Valentine’s Day

If you want to kill two birds with one stone (what a terrible expression!) consider adding flowers or wine to your Harry and David Valentine’s order, (they have Kosher wine too!) as it usually doesn’t significantly increase the shipping cost. (Always check for a free shipping coupon here before placing an order!) My favorite is the mini rose garden, or their gingerbread love trailer, which is pretty funny. You can also consider a beautiful flowering gardenia plant in a rustic flowerpot.

harry david valentines day tower

Use a coupon on every order!

There’s always a promo code or two available to use towards your order at harryanddavid.com that can save you up to 20%, or get you free shipping. (usually a minimum order amount is required) 

If you do opt for free shipping, consider that it’s usually “standard” shipping speed, so don’t procrastinate on your order! New: Consider sending a custom photo gift or greeting card from Snapfish this Valentine’s Day!