The best of: Klee 10-Piece Non-Stick Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set, Black

Price: $19.99
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Upgrade Your Kitchen Today!
You don’t need to be a master chef to enjoy a great cookware set. Using the right kitchen tools will upgrade your next cooking adventure from mediocre to awesome! Start cooking with our 10-piece kitchen tools set for an easy, wonderful cooking experience!
Solid Silicone Kitchen Utensils
Built from one solid piece of silicone for enhanced durability, our silicone kitchen tools can withstand higher heat than nylon kitchen tools. Flexible spatulas made of silicone won’t chip, scratch or break!
Heat Resistant Cooking Utensils
Heat resistant up to 480°F/ 248°C. We combined elegant black silicone and stainless steel to provide you with flexible, sturdy utensils that you can enjoy for years!
Nonstick Cookware Set
Lightweight silicone utensils are perfectly balanced between soft and flexible, yet solid and durable, making them ideal for nonstick cookware. Silicone kitchen tools won’t scratch or damage nonstick pots and pans!
Silicone Ladle: 11.5” x 3.5”
Silicone Pasta Spoon (Spaghetti Server): 11.5” x 2.25”
Silicone Slotted Turner: 12” x 3.25”
Silicone Turner Spatula: 11.25” x 2.5”
Silicone Slotted Spoon: 10.75” x 2.25”
Large Silicone Spatula: 11” x 2.25”
Small Silicone Spatula: 8.25” x 1.75”
Silicone Tongs: 10.25” x 1.5”
Silicone Whisk: 10.25” x 2.4”
Silicone Basting Brush (Pastry Brush, Marinade Brush): 8.5” x 1.5”
Comfortable Silicone Grip
The ergonomic handles feature a velvety, matte finish that is comfortable and easy to grip (even with wet hands!) so you can cook safely and easily.
Kitchen Gadget Gift Set
The elegant black design will enhance your kitchen décor. Packaged in a beautiful box, our kitchen utensil set is a great cookware gift set, holiday gift, wedding gift or housewarming gift!
Dishwasher Safe
Enjoy easy, fast cleanup with dishwasher safe kitchen utensils!
FLEXIBLE SILICONE KITCHEN UTENSIL SET: Crafted with high-quality, food-grade stainless steel and heat-resistant silicone, our cooking utensil set is a must-have for every kitchen! Non-toxic, latex-free and BPA-free, our FDA approved silicone cookware is heat resistant up to 480°F/ 248°C. Keep your non-stick pans and Teflon pans looking brand new with this silicone utensil set! Our silicone spatulas, silicone spoons and silicone turners are solid, well-constructed items that will last for years!
10-PIECE KITCHEN COOKWARE SET: This set of 10 essential kitchen tools includes a ladle, pasta spoon, slotted turner, slotted spoon, kitchen tongs, basting brush, large spatula, small spatula, spoon spatula and whisk. All items except the tongs and whisk are built out of one solid piece of silicone, making them more durable and comfortable to hold. Every kitchen needs these useful kitchen gadgets – buy your set today and start enjoying a wonderful cooking experience!
NON-STICK & HEAT-RESISTANT: Our heat-resistant spatulas, turners, spoons and more are solid and durable! They are perfect for use with non-stick pots and pans and won’t melt when exposed to high heat. The ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold and feature a hanging loop. The velvety, matte finish on the silicone handle is easy to grip, even with wet hands! Flexible silicone kitchen tools are a great choice for everyday cooking!
SILICONE BAKING TOOLS: Silicone utensils easy to use and care for, with a firm yet flexible design so you can easily serve, mix, baste, stir and flip pancakes, eggs, omelets, fish, vegetables and more without straining your wrist! Dishwasher safe for your convenience, these silicone and stainless steel spatulas are lightweight and durable, combining the best of both worlds to keep your kitchen a safe, efficient, happy environment!
MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: At Klee Utensils we aim to add joy and simplicity to your everyday life, with cooking accessories and utensils you will love! Please contact us if you have any issues or concerns and we will be happy to help you resolve them. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Klee Utensils item, we’ll refund your purchase with no questions asked!