Vegetable basket – la vie du blog

Ahhhh the sun has returned, what feels good? It makes you want beautiful salads, with beautiful vegetables full of sun and flavors, and that's good, that's exactly what is in my basket this week!

To the program:
– 1 fresh and crispy green salad,
– 1.5 kg of elongated tomatoes (of which I don't know the exact variety) but with a real tomato flavor (it's very rare!),
– very fragrant basil, which combines beautifully with tomatoes,
– 2 green peppers,
– 1 huge yellow zucchini,
– 1 cucumber
– 1 beautiful melon that was attacked directly on the way back, pure happiness: sweet, juicy, tasty …

the pictures

In short, what to prepare small and colorful dishes full of vitamins with all these vegetables and these beautiful cucurbitaceae!

Besides, cucurbitaceae, I also saw some on television … Well, I'm nasty there, did you see Masterchef last night? Frankly, I really didn't believe in front of a culinary themed show, but in front of the new star! We don't really talk about cooking and we didn't learn anything … Ah, if we peel onions, well, I think that was the only interesting thing in 2 hours and 30 minutes of transmission: how to chop and chop an onion. Anyway, but anyway for some years, we've seen X chefs appear on TV to show us this gesture … we're still dumb at such speed, but hey, now we know … (rho, the blasé girl Hahaha).

You will understand, I am disappointed ^ _ ^ Then, considering that it was necessary to occupy the spirit a bit during this broadcast, I asked myself "and you, what would you have proposed?" …

After thinking about it, I think I would have made my mushroom risotto from the forest, accompanied by a tile of Parmesan. It makes me think that I haven't even presented it to you, my famous risotto (because yes, it looks like it's famous ^ _ ^), soon, if you're wise!

And then, I would have liked to go through the box of "Quiche Lorraine" (whatever that means, I would have peeled 50 kg of onions for nothing before … I'm not sure I would have loved it: D), but I I would have liked to make them my little quiches as souffles, besides, it made me laugh when we told him who was leaving "it is good to have beaten the white in the snow", that is what I always do and I was wondering if there would be someone who would do it.

Anyway, I'm going to give Masterchef a chance next week (yes, I'm nice and a good audience ^ _ ^), we'll see!

And you, what would you have presented to the jury?