Vineyard Fondue – Alsatian recipe

I have to decide: the barbecue is not over yet … the rain and gloom returned and my dinner plans with friends on the terrace fell to the water (That's the case!) … 'Quickly an alternative! !! There I thought melted, but not cheese or Burgundy because, it must be admitted, it is good but it is greasy and heavy … and also the persistent smells in the dining room, it is not terrible. So here is my solution: a vineyard fondue: light, odorless: the perfect fondue!

Since I tried the viticulturist's fondue thanks to a friend, I have become a true follower and all my guests leave each time with my marinade recipe! This has evolved over time and I give you all the ingredients to make a tasty fondue and, above all, much lighter than the classic Burgundy fondue with oil. It is also ideal in an apartment because it does not smell like frying on fabrics the next day 😉

Alsatian vineyard fondue

Preparation time: 10 minutes

portions: 6 people

  • one bottle Riesling or other dry white wine
  • one nail vanilla
  • one stick cinnamon
  • one c. Soup Salt
  • one c. Soup celery salt
  • one c. Soup garlic grits
  • 3 grain black peppercorns
  • 3 grain coriander
  • 3 nails nail
  • The day before, pour the bottle of wine into a bowl and add all the marinade ingredients. Cover with transparent film. Let everything cool for 1 night.

  • Filter the marinade and put it in the fondue pot. He's prepared !

In this marinade, it is best to dip the beef or turkey, plan about 150 g of meat per person (slightly more for "big eaters." He also always plan a little marinade in "rab" because I think that evaporates quite fast, so this allows me to replenish the pan if the food lasts 😉