Best Buy: Smarter Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener by Chef’s Vision – Pink V-Shape 2 Stage Sharpener – Knives Honer Tool – Color Handheld Knives Sharpener – Best Selling Knife Sharpening – Afiladores de Cuchillos

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Product Description

Smarter Edge is the smartest way ever to keep your knives sharp and long-lasting — from Chef’s Vision.

How can such a compact knife sharpener do so much? That’s why it’s called Smarter Edge! Though it’s small for really easy storage, it can handle the big sharpening jobs, from little paring knives to your largest slicing and chopping blades. It has two different grooves — one just for dull blades and another for touch-up daily sharpening. And you can use it flat on a surface or use its V-notch on a counter corner to handle longer blades. Is that smart, or what!

Just look at all the ways the Smarter Edge Knife Sharpener gives you the edge.

Regular use of the Smarter Edge Knife Sharpener can greatly extend the life of your knife blades. That’s why we made Smarter Edge to be so easy to use, while being versatile and hardworking.

• Small in size for easy storage, but it handles big sharpening jobs.

• Two ways to use Smarter Edge — Flat on the counter for sharpening blades under 6” long and use the V-Notch on the counter corner for longer blades.

• Two Sharpening Grooves — Gray carbon sharpeners for dull blades, and white ceramic sharpeners for touch-up, daily sharpening.

• Choose from six designer colors to enhance your kitchen décor, and complement all Chef’s Vision products.

• Comes in a gift box with full sharpening instructions.

Chef’s Vision products are as beautiful to look at as they are enjoyable to use.

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Smarter Edge from Chef’s Vision is smarter because it gives you two different ways to use it: 1. Put it flat on a counter for sharpening knives that are 6-inches or shorter, and because it grips the counter surface, it’s a safe and easy way to sharpen knives. 2. For knives over 6-inches, place Smarter Edge’s very clever V- notch on a counter corner — at this 45º angle, it’s much easier to sharpen longer blades without worrying about scraping and damaging a counter.
It’s also smarter because Smarter Edge has two different sharpening groves to cover all your sharpening needs. One groove is a carbon sharpener, perfect for sharpening dull knife blades. The other groove is a ceramic sharpener, ideal for regular, daily or touch-up sharpening of knives. And remember, regular use of Smarter Edge can greatly extend the life of all your chef’s knives.
Smarter Edge is also smarter because its small size makes it really easy to store, but it still can handle even the biggest and longest kitchen knife blades with ease.
And it comes in six very smart designer colors, so no matter which color you choose, it will enhance the décor of your kitchen — and, of course, it will complement all Chef’s Vision products.
Smarter Edge is a really smart purchase, too, because it comes with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. We’re confident you’ll be absolutely delighted with your purchase but, if there are any issues, we’ll refund you in full or send out a replacement.