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Home Chef Costs | Price Per Meal, Week + Food for Thought (New!)

How much does Home Chef Cost? HomeChef has become one of the top names in the meal kit delivery service space, which has exploded in popularity. Because of the fresh, top-quality ingredients that are shipped weekly to your door, these meal delivery services can be expensive. However, most customers who try it think it’s worth the price, as it’s a fun and convenient way to make healthy meals yourself. Here are the latest costs for Home Chef:

Home Chef Cost: (Per Week)

The price of Home Chef meals are always $9.95 per serving. You can choose from a minimum of 2 meals per week for 2 people all the way up to 6+ meals per week for 6 people. Here’s their full weekly pricing info:

Per Week:2 Servings:4 Servings:6 Servings:
2 Meals: $39.80*$79.60$119.40
3 Meals:$59.70$119.40$179.10
4 Meals:$79.60$179.10$238.80
5 Meals:$99.50$199$298.50
6 Meals:$119.40$238.80$358.20
Premium Meals: $14.95-19.95 per portion

*The new customer promo for $30 off + free shipping significantly reduces these prices for your first order.

*Shipping is free for $45+ orders, but will cost you $10 if your weekly order is less than $45

Food Expenses & Some Food for Thought

Most of the leading meal delivery services, including HomeChef, aim to stay around $10 per person for meals. That can seem like a lot of money to spend on dinner. However, we have a few statistics about Americans’ food expenses that might make you see meal delivery services in a new perspective:

  • The average person eats 4.3 meals out each week (source)
  • The average meal eaten outside the home costs $12.75 per person
  • Americans spend over $300 per person each month on groceries (source)
  • 40% of food is wasted in the U.S every year (source)
  • The average American household throws away $2200 of food each year
  • 20% of the food bought at the grocery store is never eaten
  • Portion sizes are one of the main contributing factors for our obesity epidemic (source)
  • Having a personal chef costs about $20-30 per serving each meal

Now consider that meal delivery services like Home Chef are probably less expensive than the meals at your favorite quick-serve restaurants. They also help to reduce food waste, most are healthy, and they are and already portioned for each person.

Hmmm… Now Home Chef is looking like a pretty good investment, right?

HomeChef: How Much Do Premium Meals Cost?

home chef premium filet mignon

Home Chef premium meals cost more

Whether it’s for a holiday or just a special night to cook at home, Home Chef makes premium meals available. So, what exactly are premium meals? These are extra-fancy meals like filet mignon, lobster thermador, and grilled lamb chops that you can upgrade to in your account.

How much do HomeChef’s premium meals cost? Each of these premium meals costs $14.95-19.95 per person depending on the meal. Want to make them on your own? The recipes are always free for members!

Cost of Optional Add-Ons:

While most people just stick with the weekly dinners, there are some other optional extras that will cost you more. You can add the following items to your weekly delivery at any time:

  • Smoothies or Fruit Basket: $4.95 per portion
  • Premium Meals: (When available) $14.95-19.95 per portion

The settings are also easy to change, so if you want to reduce your costs, consider getting fewer meals each week. It’s also easy to pause your deliveries at any time!

Lower the Cost With a Coupon

If you are considering trying Home Chef, check out our coupons to save up to $40 on the cost. Orders over $45 always ship “free” at no additional cost.

home chef 30 off coupon

HomeChef featured promotion

If you’ve already tried Home Chef, share your thoughts about cost with us below!

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coupons home chef

Home Chef Coupons | Best Deals & Promotions: $40 Off!

home chef promotions: Home Chef delivers everything you need to make delicious gourmet quality meals yourself in about 30 minutes. Just choose your favorite recipes or go with their recommendations each week.

Interested? Home Chef can be expensive, but they offer great coupons and promotions for up to a $30 discount and free shipping to bring down the cost!

▸ Best Home Chef Coupons for :

Home Chef: $80 Off
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Home Chef: 3 Free Meals
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About Home Chef in 30 Seconds… (Video)

How to Use a Coupon

Using a coupon or promo code to bring down the cost of Home Chef is easy, here’s how:

enter home chef promo code

For most promotions, the coupon will be applied as soon as you click over to (above) If you have a specific coupon code, just click, “change voucher code” next to the “Voucher code applied” message.

What’s the Best Coupon?

Currently the best coupon is for $30 off your first purchase plus free shipping. This coupon also gives you $10 off your second order if you stay with Home Chef. You’ll see all three of these discounts applied in the sample order above.

The only time I ever saw a deal to rival this one was when Home Chef was on Groupon over a year ago. That promotion was for “up to $50 off your first two weeks,” but the biggest discount was on their 6+ person boxes. However, I haven’t seen them on Groupon since!

Home Chef also features a similar $30 off coupon from their Facebook page, but I’ve never seen a better code.

*The shipping cost is included in the weekly price with the promotion if you buy 2+ meals weekly. Shipping is free on $45+ orders. 

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Home Chef: Free Trial or Free Box?

home chef free trial box

Shipping perishable foods is expensive, and delivery costs are clearly Home Chef’s biggest expense. For this reason they don’t offer a free trial or free box, as they are already losing money on their $30 off new customer promotion. You can, however, take advantage of the low cost to try it out as a new customer, and then quit anytime if you aren’t loving it.

$30 Bonus If a Friend Signs Up

Psyched about Home Chef? Another neat bonus (not really a “coupon,” per se) is that Home Chef will give you a $30 credit for every friend you refer. There’s always a “Earn $30 Credit” button on their site which prompts you for the email addresses of anyone you think might also like Home Chef. So, if you get a friend or family member to sign up, you’ll instantly get a $30 credit on your account. Sweet!

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Meal Delivery Kits: Always Use a Promo Code

Besides Home Chef, there are a number of other names in the “meal kit delivery service” space, (over 100!) and they are all competing for your business. For this reason, you can usually find a coupon or promotion to get a great price, so don’ t ever pay retail as a new customer!

Thanks for checking out our Home Chef coupons! We also have deals for other gourmet sites like Omaha Steaks, Harry & David, and Winc (wine). If you have a valid coupon code that you’d like to add, please drop us a comment below!