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Kosher Gift Ideas: Harry & David Coupons for Hanukkah & Passover

harry david logoKosher Harry & David Coupons – Shalom! Want to impress your Jewish friends this coming Hanukah? Or perhaps you’re celebrating it and want to spread the joy, while showing respect for your faith? Consider sending a kosher gift basket from, and get up to a 20% discount or free delivery when you use a coupon below:

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Kosher Gift Ideas at for Hanukkah, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, or Shiva: Free Shipping on $59+ or Up to a 20% Discount

Whether a practicing Jew or not, gifting kosher presents from Harry & David would make you a “yiddisher kop” (a smart person for you non-Yiddish speakers). As most Jewish holidays have roots that are deeply embedded in tradition, the practice of keeping within kosher dietary law is highly regarded amongst common festivities.

Here’s 4 great occasions to send kosher gifts;

  1. Any Jewish holiday. While Hanukkah and Passover are the most popular for gift giving, other celebrations such as Shavuot, Tu B’shvat, and Purim involve kosher foods and receiving them is a special treat. Harry & David go the extra mile to create abundant gift baskets with kosher foods that are traditionally eaten during these special days. Included are foods such as fresh and dried fruit, nuts and honey.
  2. Jewish New Year’s. Rosh Hashanah is a widely celebrated holiday. Generally occurring in the month of September, it has its own set of traditions. Among them is dipping apple slices in honey and eating honey cake. Harry & David are renowned for the delicious fresh fruit. Try pairing a fruit basket with a jar of kosher honey, or save yourself that hassle and choose 1 of the 3 gift baskets that come with a jar of honey from Harry & David.
  3. Any observed Jewish celebrations. Just like in any faith, special life moments are great times to recognize your fellow Jewish friend or family. Between weddings and baby showers, new homes and promotions, kosher presents are a nice way to show you care. Gourmet fresh fruit from are both kosher and healthy. The Triple Treat Deluxe Fruit basket pairs oranges and apples with their famous Royal Riviera pears.
  4. Any honored Jewish passage. Have a Bar Mitzvah or a Shiva around the corner? Be a mentsh (Yiddish for a genuine, caring person) and consider sending kosher gifts. Instead of flowers, show your sympathy by sending a fresh fruit basket for a Shiva. Also, saving money is appreciated in any religion, so please use a new coupon code before placing any order!

harry david hanukkah coupon

Harry and David Jewish / Kosher Gift Baskets + New Coupons

For the most faithful Jewish person, kosher diets are upheld year round, not just during celebrations. It is regarded as important for one’s spiritual health. The dietary laws of kosher eating and foods can be quite complicated and detailed, but perhaps you’d like to consider some of their seasonal fruit, like Honeybells and oranges, or their fruit of the month clubs.

Rather than explaining the intricate features, I’ll save you my spiel and simply recommend choosing already made kosher gift baskets and kosher wine from Harry and David. They are best in class for the utmost Jewish connoisseur; and everyone loves using a coupon!

harry david kosher gift ideas

moose munch coupon

Moose Munch Popcorn at Harry & David: Coupons & Free Shipping

harry david logoMoose Munch Sale at Harry & David(look for a coupon below) What a delicious, decadent, gourmet treat. It’s perfect as a gift by itself, as Bark, or as part of a gift basket or tower.

moose munch harry david


moose munch bark

Moose Munch: A Rhyme About This Sinister Tasty Popcorn & Chocolate Treat from Harry & David

moose munch popcornSo, just how good is Moose Munch Popcorn? So good, that it inspired us to tell you in rhyme:

Moose Munch is the way to go. Not sure exactly what Moose Munch is? Read below:

Picture this:

Mounds of Gourmet popcorn, smothered in decadent caramel,
Mixed together with flavors like dark chocolate fleur de sel,
Some packages have nuts, others have dried fruit thrown in,
Whatever flavor suits your fancy, they can package in a tin.

Great for family gifts or the neighbor next door,
Make sure you have some extra on hand, for when they ask for more.
Don’t forget your business clientele, partners and employees,
Moose Munch comes in sizes from a few bags to 64 mini’s.

moose munch assortment

Use a Coupon for Moose Munch Popcorn from Harry & David!

You can’t go wrong with a gift of Moose Munch this holiday season. Send a tin, bag, or box of happiness, sure to light a smile, for every adult and child. I have a hunch they’ll love their Moose Munch, and you’ll love saving a few bucks when you use a coupon code for free shipping.

Moose Munch Recommendation

What’s better than the delicious combination of salty and sweet that makes Moose Munch so good? How about a bottle of red wine. Sure. it could be Harry & David’s brand, (expensive) but It doesn’t even have to be good wine, just enough so the alcohol kicks in and sharpens your senses and focuses you on the tasty Moose munch.