Customer Notification: K Kwokker Mandoline Slicer Vegetable Chopper with 6 Multi Blades Adjustable Cheese Grater with Safety Protector-Heavy Duty Julienne Multifunctional Kitchen Tool Dicer Cutter Spiralizer Lovely Pink

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Product Description

K Kwokker Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Slicer

1.Cut vegetables is not afraid to get started (increase the upgrade hand guard), when cutting short dishes, be sure to wear hand guards to avoid hand injuries.

2.Filament: 2mm square filament, potato, radish, lettuce….Easy ingredients are easy to shred, it is easy to cut the main ingredients or ingredients.

3.Thick silk: 3.5mm square Thick silk, potatoes, radish, lettuce….Easily shredded with various ingredients, whether it is cold or fried, fried can be.

4.Slices: 1mm or so thin slices, cut lettuce, zucchini, apples, all kinds of ingredients, easy to get.

5.Thick sheet: thick sheet of about 1.5mm, cut cucumber, apple, all kinds of ingredients, easy to get, you can also apply mask.

6.Grinding: Grinding and refining without sputum, ginger, garlic, fruit and other ingredients for fruit and vegetable to make complementary food to make fruit and vegetable mud cake can be

7.Flower chips: Good looking delicious flower DIY, second change chef, potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes, etc. can be used as flower kimchi, but also as potato chips

Are you tired and fed up of cutting & chopping vegetables while preparing meals?! Ever think to yourself, how can I make this easier, better?

Do you love meddling in the kitchen and throwing your friends dinner parties full of taste?

Would you like to try a super practical veggie chopper that will make your life in the kitchen a lot easier?

If so, then your search is finally over, because K Kwokker has just the right product for your needs!

Product material: wheat straw PP + stainless steel

Product Color: Pink

Package Includes: 1 x Motherboard; 6 x Stainless steel Blades; 1 x Transparent box; 1 x Ceramic planing knife

Stainless steel blades

6 ultra-sharp stainless steel blades will remain sharp and will not rust over time. Ideal for chopping and dicing fruits, vegetables and cheeses in a professional manner, helping you prepare meals in no time. Even the toughest potatoes and the crunchiest carrots will be a piece of cake.

Do you want to make your vegetables interesting and more attractive, especially for your children?

We have the solution!

Are you a true lover of the art de cuisine?

Combine chopping, slicing, grating into one kitchen tool, to make your food prep on onions, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers much easier and faster which is one of the priorities we consider.

Simply stack and press the lid down in one swift strong motion to chop; no difficult twisting or locking, and no more mess.

Slicing and grating is also easy to operate with attaching the food on the holder to make sure safety.

Comfortable handle bar holder

The plastic parts are made of food safety grade, strong, reinforced plastic.Nice Mandoline Slicer with the well designed handle, safe and effort and save costs.

Perfect Gift and Large Container- Size in 31.5cm x 10cm x 9cm.

The container which catches the diced food can function as a storage container with it’s Keep-Fresh Lid, good for you to prepare ingredients ahead of time.

This chopper/slicer/grater is a perfect gift to your family or friends who do kitchen works. The best tool to help for food prepping which is a useful and versatile gift. It comes with a nice box, allow easy wrap up and take it to the loved ones with all true caring and honest wish.

Non-slip pad and humanized storage design

Our Pro Vegetable Chopper by K Kwokker is a non-electric kitchen appliance that can be used anywhere. It is just as useful out of the kitchen, as it is in the kitchen.

Storage case design, easy to organize the 6 Multi Blades. Convenient to use and storage. Saving kitchen spaceNon-slip pad, wear-resistant, easy to fix, enhancing the efficiency of the cooking.

Use it while camping, barbecuing or anywhere you wish. Ideal for when you don’t have electricity. It is perfectly safe and easy to use and clean. It is also dishwasher safe.

Useful Tips

Make sure the fruits and vegetables are smaller than the blades’ frame. Press the lid down in one swift strong motion, not slowly or bit by bit, otherwise some hard vegetables may stick to the blade. For cutting softer vegetables or fruits like tomatoes & peppers, we suggest you use the larger size mm dicing blade. The smaller size dicing blade is more suitable for hard vegetables and fruits.

Instant pot accessories includes everything you need to cook, will leave a good impression on cooking and baking for years to come. 14-Pieces includes: ss304 stainless steamer basket, springform pan, steamer rack, silicone egg bites mold and so on.

Kitchen Mixer Food chopper features cutting rotator with unique triple blades for fast and even chopping/ slicing. Food grade stainless trefoil knife blade, corrosion-resistant and long lifetime. Smooth stirring blade to make the cutting easily.

Enjoy and Diy Your Juice-No matter you choose to juicing oranges or tangerines, grape, mango, or bitter gourd, everything will be more easier with Juice Extractor. Meanwhile this is also a necessary tool when you go outdoor for a picnic or barbecue.

Heavy duty stainless all-in-one gardening tools set includes trowel, weeder, rake, transplanter, cultivator, pruner, high quality gloves, a spray bottle and a storage bag. If you or family or friends enjoy gardening, it could be best ticket!

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♫ [6-In-1 Food Chopper Slicer, Make Chopping Easier & More Fun] K Kwokker Vegetable Chopper, free-up your kitchen space and enjoy a variety of healthy meals with this slicer. It is perfect for a wide variety of vegetables – cucumber, onion, carrot, potato, tomato, zucchini, cabbage, fruit, cheese & more. Please note it is not suitable for hard vegetable such as sweet potatoes.
♫ [Six Sharp Blades Are Made Of Stainless Steel Blades] The blades are sharp, with a fine edge that makes cutting a simple and effortless job. The plastic parts are made of strong, reinforced plastic. However, the best part is that all of the parts can be disassembled and easily cleaned; Simply put them on the top shelf of your dishwasher!
♫ [A Safe Hand-Guard Holds Your Food Securely And Protects Your Hand From Accidental Nick] Safety Protector: The handle on top will allow secure holding while you are slicing, and the non-stick rubber base will increase the stability. Hard Large fruits or vegetables like apple or potato need to be quartered or halved before slipping them on. For hard roots such as carrots, beetroots, etc. make sure to parboil them or microwave them before the chopping.
♫ [Easy to use and to clean] What’s more, it doesn’t need electricity to work. Save energy source! Pink veggie chopping utensil makes for an excellent gift for every occasion. It is especially suitable for people who love fitness, vegans, vegetarians, or for people who are on low-carb, or gluten-free diets! It is also perfect for camping, hiking, traveling!
♫ [Eco-Friendly Material Mandoline Slicer Included] 1 x Vegetable Chopper in size 31.5cm x 10cm x 9cm. 1 x 3.5mm/ 2.0mm/ 1.5mm/ 1.0mm slicer, 1 x wavy slicer, and 1 x grater, 1 x peeled knife, 1 x Safety Protector. Please be assured. All the vegetable chopper parts are made of high quality Eco-friendly material, bring you the safe and healthy promise. Meet your daily needs.