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Fruit of the Month Club: Harry & David Coupon

harry david logoFruit of the Month Clubs from Harry and David: Usually, a one time gift like a fruit basket or box of pears is enough of a special gift to send a loved one or friend. For those extra-special gifts that keep on giving, consider Harry & David’s Fruit of the Month Clubs; a popular gift idea since 1936!

Fruit of the Month Clubs Coupons: Get a 10% Discount or More

These types of gifts are certainly considered a top tier gift, so they aren’t ever cheap. Even though the clubs of longer durations work out to be a better deal, they can put a dent in your pocketbook compared to just sending a box of pears. Click below, and always look for their seasonal 10% off coupon code. (above)

Mmm… that fruit looks fresh and tasty! As you can guess, the gist of the club is that fresh, seasonal fruit is sent once each month for as few as three months to the home or business of your choice. They have more than just fruit in these clubs, too. Here’s an overview:

harry david fruit month club

Popular Fruit Clubs: Harry & David

  • Fruit Only Clubs: Signature, and Signature Light: Their most popular offerings include fresh seasonal fruit delivered each month; guaranteed to be in perfect condition. Favorites include pears, peaches, mangoes, and cherries.
  • Favorites Clubs: In these, they add custom favorite hand-picked gift baskets and treats like Moose Munch as well as their most popular pears and fruits. A favorite of mine is the pears and cheese 3 month selection
  • Fruit & Cheese Club – Great for those who love gourmet entertaining, this club pairs fresh fruit and artisan cheese.
  • Fruit Medley Clubs – Two or more seasonal varieties of hand selected fruit each month.
  • Organic Fruit Club – All organic fruit exceeds USDA organic regulations
  • Monthly Flowers / Orchid Clubs: I bet you didn’t know that Harry & David sells flowers and plants! With this option you get pre-planted bulbs that will grow stunning plants and flowers. Interested in just flowers?
  • Harry & David Wine Clubs – Click for today’s coupons and get a 10% discount or more!
  • Valentine’s Day Tower Fruit Clubs – 6 month club starting in February with their famous Valentine’s Day Tower of Treats, then 5 more months of gourmet fruit like pears, strawberries, and cherries.

Fruit of the Month Clubs from Harry & David – A Great Monthly Gift Club Idea; Don’t Forget the Coupon!

While Harry & David sends popular fruits like their pears and peaches directly from Southern Oregon, they obviously can’t do so with fruit like mangoes and pineapples. So, they’ve partnered with a network of growers around North America to harvest the freshest tropical fruit at the peak of freshness, sent in-season as part of the Fruit of the Month Clubs.

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