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Harry & David: Halloween Gift Ideas & Coupons

logo harry david squareHarry and David Halloween Sale: So, after over 30 years of exposure to Halloween marketing, I’ve developed an almost irresistible urge to join the rest of society in using the word “spooktacular” this October.

There has to be another alternative, like “zombie-licious” or “skull-tastic” that I can use? No? Anyway, there are some really fun gifts for Halloween and Autumn at Harry and David, and you can use one of our featured coupons for up to an extra 10% discount or free shipping.

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Send Halloween Cupcakes, Cookies, or Cakepops

Now that I think of it, you have to tread lightly around the whole “zombie” thing when you are selling gourmet food, I guess. Even though zombies are trendy, thoughts of the “un-dead” probably don’t make your mouth water? (By the way, did you know that the origin of Halloween dates back over 2000 years? Let’s just say cake pops are a relatively new addition.) Anyway, just a few highlights of fun things to get from harryanddavid.com in October:

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Halloween Gift Ideas from Harry & David

Crooked House tower: The classic and less expensive version is the most popular, but they also have a “deluxe” version that comes with pears. You can even personalize it with a name! (see above)

Halloween Pear Gift Box: This is your standard box of 6 pears in Halloween packaging. This is good when you want to send something to another business, or friend who doesn’t appreciate skeletons and witches (see left)

Pumpkin cheesecake: Mmmm… goes great with coffee on a chilly Autumn night. They also have a Halloween cheescake with a chocolate spider web on top.

My Phantom Manor Gingerbread House – Cool (ghoul?) gingerbread house in the shape of an old haunted house. (see above)

Chocolate-dipped caramel apples: 4 different tasty apples dipped in gourmet caramel and chocolate; some with nuts. These are a little pricey, so not recommended for everyone.

harry david halloween cupcakes

Check them all out at their Halloween sale!

I Highly Recommend Cake Pops on Halloween; The Kids Just Love Them

Can you still give away baked goods on Halloween? Actually, I guess not, except to friends and family, or you might be suspected of being a weird Halloween serial killer, or something.

Note that I wouldn’t recommend some of their gifts, like the “Halloween Krispy Pops;” 3 frosted pops with a gooey center that cost almost $20! Also, if you are buying apples for yourself, consider getting Honey Crisp apples at your grocery store instead. You’ll save a few bones! (Woo-hoo, ha, ha!)

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