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I Was Sent Pears, Now What? 9 Great Recipes for Harry & David Pears

logo harry david squareYou’ve got… pears! – You get that conspicuous knock on the front door. You rush over to see what it is. Your heart flutters as you see a box shaped to hold only the finest chocolates. You pick it up. It’s quite heavy to your surprise. You quickly un-wrap the wonderful gift as your mouth begins to salivate. Oh yum, my favorite…. pears!?

Someone must have known how health-conscience you are, or perhaps wanted to send you a unique gift. Someone special is thinking of you. Whether it was a promotion, a new house, a new baby or a special occasion, Harry & David Pears are a tasty notable gift to send and receive. But now that you have anywhere from 9 to a dozen or so ripe pears what are you going to do with them?

As you ponder that question, sit down, have a pear, and let me show you some delicious pear recipes.

Some Favorite Pear Recipe Ideas

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harry david pear recipes

Harry & David Pear Recipes: Pear Salads, Tarts, or Poached

For starters, pears add a delicious freshness to most salads. Their mild yet sweet flavor pairs nicely with a blue cheese & walnut salad. Check out Harry & David’s two salad recipes for their “Royal Riviera Pears”; Riviera Rogue Valley Salad and Royal Riviera Pears & Endive with Honey-Lemon Dressing.

roasted pear tart recipeAlthough pears pair with salads quite nicely, they’ll only use up a couple of them unless you’re entertaining 2 dozen people. If you’re looking to use up the bulk of them in a recipe try making a pear tart or galette which will call for 4 – 6 pears if not more, depending on their size. Poached pears are another example of a stunning dessert that is very simple to make and mouth-watering good. Recipes for both poached pears and tarts are abundant on the internet, as are money-saving coupons for Harry and David including free shipping!

No Recipe Required: Just Add Harry & David Pears to Sandwiches, Salads, or Smoothies

If you’re not into whipping up a gourmet dish, here are some pear ideas for the common man. Try adding them to your favorite smoothie recipe. Their mild, yet sweet juices will enhance the flavor of most other fruit you decide to blend. A few thin slices will ramp up an average grilled cheese or make an easy, quick lunch or supper sandwich such as Royal Riviera® Pear Thin Stack by Harry & David.

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You can also find Harrry & David wines that go well with their pears or even a cake from the cheesecake factory.

Pears are in season right now and are being picked by the truckloads daily over at the Harry & David orchards, so watch your doorsteps! If you are the one sending pears, get a great discount with the latest coupon codes for Harry & David here!

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