Small Kitchen Appliances You’ll Love in 2020: 220V, EU Plug Waterproof Sous Vide Cooker Immersion Circulator, 1200 Watts Vacuum Food Cooker, Is the Perfect Kitchen Appliance for Hands-off Cooking of Vegetables, Meat and Much More With Consistent

Price: $109.28
(as of May 10,2021 04:27:52 UTC – Details)

Product description
Voltage warning: Works with 220 V outlets only. Use outside of European OR Other 220 V outlets voids the warranty.
Voltage: 220V~240V
Power: 1200 watts
Plug: EU Plug
Easy-to-Use Locking Clip
Directional Pump: 360 Degree heating
The temperature setting available with both in Celsius (℃)or Fahrenheit (℉)display
NEW2nd generation IPX7 Waterproof Sous Vide Thermal Immersion Circulator ,it helps you cook a flawless poached egg, a perfectly flaked piece of salmon or do justice to a choice cut of prime rib with its high power heating element power of max 1200 watts compared to other immersion circulators out there that only uses 800 or 1000 watts.
Which makes cooking and preheating time definitely much slower. But with Our’s Immersion Circulator you can now enjoy expert home cooking without the hassle. Adjustable time and temperature controls allow you to have complete control over the cooking process.
Easy to read LCD display, digital soft-touch buttons and built-in thermostat takes the brain-work out of cooking. Enjoy deliciously consistent results for every meal.
Sous Vide circulator requires a 6-15L round,rectangular or other different container or pot.Firmly lock the product by clamping it on the side of your container.

EASY TO USE – Simply attach the cooker to any pot, add water, placed your ingredients in a vacuum sealed bag or glass jar. Start cooking with the touch of a button on the device. The sous vide cooker’s timer and temperature control allow you to step away and relax while your food cooks perfectly. No additional equipment needed.
LOW NOISE–Perfect for the modern kitchen, the brushless DC motor provides quieter, streamlined cooking efficiency.
EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN – The sous vide cooker’s detachable stainless steel skirt and disks are dishwasher safe making this kitchen appliance easy to clean and maintain.
Saves Space – Its compact design means you can take it anywhere. or it fits in your silverware drawer.
3D Circulation Heating Tech – The Sous Vide Cooker generates a powerful 360 water circulation,3D heating evenly distributes heat energy and constant temperature cooking. The greatest feature of it is that the food cooks in its juices.