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Gourmet Wedding Gift Ideas from Harry and David + New Coupons!

logo harry david squareHarry & David Wedding Gifts: Don’t send the same old thing to celebrate a wedding. Send an amazing gourmet wedding gift idea they’ll be sure to remember. Here are some picks, but don’t forget to use one of our featured promo codes for Harry and David: 

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Weddings & Gourmet Food are about enjoying the moment

Weddings are all about enjoying the moment; often with food. It’s in the spread, the punch fountain, the marshmallow roasting station, the cake. This is why you go to weddings. And it’s what most everybody involved in the wedding, except maybe the bride and groom, are looking forward to the most.

But, after all is said and done, the happy couple get to open their wedding gifts. And people are going to get them the same things everybody gets. A stand mixer that will sit in the closet for years collecting dust. A few random kitchen things here and there. The joke gift of some sort of sex toy or lingerie.

But those aren’t the things the bride and groom will remember. Sure, they might use them. But what they will remember is what they enjoyed. And what is better enjoyed than a gourmet wedding gift?

Let’s look at four gifts from Harry & David that are sure to make the lucky couple smile.

1. Gourmet Wedding Gift Ice-Cream

wedding ice cream harry david

Did you know that 87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer at any time? But the question is, do they have Gourmet Ice-Cream from Harry and David? You betcha they don’t!

But your wonderful friends getting married will. They can even have a whole assortment of ice creams to try on their honeymoon or whenever. The contents include chocolate with chocolate chunks, mint chocolate chip, malted milk with chocolate-covered malt balls and caramel, and sea salt caramel.

Sending Harry and David ice cream really makes a statement, because it’s decadent and pricey. If you’re looking for a thrifty way to give ice cream, hit your local Acme store; but then again, you’ll ruin your reputation in the process! Like sending Omaha Steaks, It’s expensive because of the logistics of sending ice cream, and the message is, “Hey, why not? Life is short!” That’s a good attitude for any newly married couple! (just make sure you pay the credit card bill) 

italian wedding basket harry david

2. An Italian Gourmet Wedding Gift

Depending on where the bride and groom are going for their honeymoon, you might want to step up the gift game.

Why not take an Italian country take on the old gift basket idea? With the Cucina D’Italia Gift Basket with Wine, your friends are never going to forget you. Well, if they drink the wine too quickly, they might.

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This gift comes in a signature wooden basket. Delicious Mediterranean fare complete with bottles of Royal Crest Red blend and a Pinot Gris. Help them bring a taste of Italy home. *Look for their free shipping with $75 minimum purchase coupon for this gift basket. 

gourmet cigar box harry david

3. A Nice Wooden Box Of Chocolates

If you can’t afford such a luxurious affair as the Cucina D’Italia, you could just remind the couple that their life together is “like a box of chocolates.” Do this with a cigar box of chocolates. That’s right, Henry & David offer a Gourmet Cigar Box of Chocolates.

Also, it’s popular to have cigars or even a cigar-rolling station at wedding receptions, so that kind of goes with the wedding theme too.

The box itself is made of pine from Southern Oregon. Each chocolate is handmade and packaged with care. You can also add wine to many gifts, but be aware of your original budget.

wedding cheesecake harry david

4. Send Cheese Cake

After the wedding, your friends are probably going to freeze part of their wedding cake for next year. It will probably be gross and frost-bitten.  If you are looking for “decadent” gift ideas, why not give them a different cake to celebrate with? Give them the gift of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake! send fresh by express mail. (not eligible for the free shipping no minimum code

The Cheesecake Factory Sampler gives you the option of eating raspberry, strawberry, triple chocolate, or caramel with nuts and drizzle. Or you could just eat it all and not have to make a choice.

Conclusion: Wait, There’s More!

wedding brideYou’re not going to believe how many gourmet wedding gift idea ideas are out there. You just have to open your imagination to the possibilities.

*Tip: If you are sending perishable gourmet gifts for a wedding, make sure the married couple will be home, and not on their honeymoon

What are your favorite Henry & David wedding gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below! And, as we say in the gourmet food biz, buona salute!

*wedding photo credit: omgphotos.com

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Harry & David Thank You Gifts: Free Shipping on $59+

harry david logoThank you baskets & gifts from Harry & David – If you’re looking to say, “thanks” for any reason at all, consider sending delicious fresh fruit basket from harryanddavid.com. They have a huge selection of gourmet gift ideas perfectly packed and ready for free delivery with today’s promo code:

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Free Shipping on Gourmet Thank You Gift Baskets Sent from Harry and David

Sending fresh fruit and gourmet gift baskets are a great way to express your appreciation, gratefulness, or recognition for any reason at all. While thank you cards are appreciated, they sure don’t compare to the delicious gifts of gratitude from harryanddavid.com.

If you’re looking to say, “thanks,” consider their gourmet gift baskets packed with decadent snacks like Moose Munch popcorn, chocolate truffles, Royal Riviera Pears, Oranges & citrus, and mixed nuts.

Also Consider Sending Wine or Flowers to Say, “Thanks!”

Add wine to a number of their gift baskets and towers for an extra special & classy, “thank you.” Flowers are a traditional way to show that you’re thankful, and Harry & David has a number of fresh bouquets that you can add a custom message to.

There are also a number of wine gifts to show your indebtedness that are not in the “thank you” category that are eligible for site-wide discounts at harryanddavid.com. These wines are made from local vineyards near their fruit orchards in Southern Oregon, and aged in fancy French oak barrels. A number of them are limited edition vintages, and guaranteed to please anyone who you’d like to thank!

harry david thank you free ship

Fruit Clubs: A Decadent Way to Send a Thank You Gift Monthly to a Loved One

If someone went above and beyond and you’d like to show gratitude in a big way, consider their fruit of the month clubs, which includes a number of seasonal gourmet fruit and food options delivered each month. *Read about the Interesting origin of saying thank you here.

A Number of Thank You Gifts May Be Personalized

Several of the gift baskets highlighted in the “thank you” category include not only the option of a custom message, but are also wrapped with an actual thank you ribbon. These baskets contain seasonal gifts, Valentine’s day, and there are Kosher options too. You can also say thanks by sending steaks or seafood from Omaha Steaks (free shipping with coupon!