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harry david thank you basket

Harry & David Thank You Gifts: Free Shipping on $59+

harry david logoThank you baskets & gifts from Harry & David – If you’re looking to say, “thanks” for any reason at all, consider sending delicious fresh fruit basket from harryanddavid.com. They have a huge selection of gourmet gift ideas perfectly packed and ready for free delivery with today’s promo code:

send thank you basket harry david

Free Shipping on Gourmet Thank You Gift Baskets Sent from Harry and David

Sending fresh fruit and gourmet gift baskets are a great way to express your appreciation, gratefulness, or recognition for any reason at all. While thank you cards are appreciated, they sure don’t compare to the delicious gifts of gratitude from harryanddavid.com.

If you’re looking to say, “thanks,” consider their gourmet gift baskets packed with decadent snacks like Moose Munch popcorn, chocolate truffles, Royal Riviera Pears, Oranges & citrus, and mixed nuts.

Also Consider Sending Wine or Flowers to Say, “Thanks!”

Add wine to a number of their gift baskets and towers for an extra special & classy, “thank you.” Flowers are a traditional way to show that you’re thankful, and Harry & David has a number of fresh bouquets that you can add a custom message to.

There are also a number of wine gifts to show your indebtedness that are not in the “thank you” category that are eligible for site-wide discounts at harryanddavid.com. These wines are made from local vineyards near their fruit orchards in Southern Oregon, and aged in fancy French oak barrels. A number of them are limited edition vintages, and guaranteed to please anyone who you’d like to thank!

harry david thank you free ship

Fruit Clubs: A Decadent Way to Send a Thank You Gift Monthly to a Loved One

If someone went above and beyond and you’d like to show gratitude in a big way, consider their fruit of the month clubs, which includes a number of seasonal gourmet fruit and food options delivered each month. *Read about the Interesting origin of saying thank you here.

A Number of Thank You Gifts May Be Personalized

Several of the gift baskets highlighted in the “thank you” category include not only the option of a custom message, but are also wrapped with an actual thank you ribbon. These baskets contain seasonal gifts, Valentine’s day, and there are Kosher options too. You can also say thanks by sending steaks or seafood from Omaha Steaks (free shipping with coupon!

harry david thanksgiving coupons

Harry & David Thanksgiving Gift Ideas + 20% Off Coupon

thanksgiving travelHarry & David Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving is by far my most favorite holiday – and I’m sure I’m not alone in this statement. After all, it is the busiest time to travel in the U.S. Whether by plane, train or automobile, Americans use this holiday for gathering together with old and new friends and reconnecting with family, all while enjoying a full spread of traditional goodies.

So, why not use Harry & David‘s current Thanksgiving Sale as an excuse to spread the love?

harry david thanksgiving appetizers

Thanksgiving With Harry & David

Mmmm… Thanksgiving! My mouth is watering as memories of juicy turkey with gravy and pumpkin pie come to mind. Of course it’s not always possible to pack up and travel across the country during this festive time. That’s when Harry & David pick up the slack. They offer a full selection of Thanksgiving gifts to send, sure enough to please any pallet.

May I suggest sending the turkey? Although quite different from flowers (which are also available to send from H&D), sending the turkey could be the most thoughtful thing you’ll do for someone (or yourself) this year. Help the hosts with their feast preparation by sending them a 10 lb, already cooked turkey from Harry & David. This is a great tasting, time-saving gift. All they’ll need to do is turn on the oven and warm up their turkey.

Not a fan of turkey? No worries, you can choose a Spiral Ham to ship instead. Or, maybe you were just asked to bring a side? They have a plethora of options; everything from cheese assortments, to fresh fruit.

Thanksgiving Turkey Feast Package

harry david ham thanksgivingWant to go one step further for your loved ones? Harry & David also offer a Holiday Turkey Feast package. (And, I promise it’s a lot tastier than what they ate at the first Thanksgiving dinner in 1620!)

Need I say more? This is the perfect gift for parents to send their working adult kids. Hey Mom! (hint hint)  For the time-squeezed generation, nothing is better than having all your festive favorites on the table without having to spend hours on your day off in the kitchen making them.

This package comes with a slightly smaller turkey than the oven roasted one, which is perfect for the average family of 4 – 6 people. Also included are all the fixings and a blueberry-peach crisp desert. If you’re a traditionalist, you can add a pumpkin cheesecake from H&D too. This would be a popular and appreciated gift for college kids and also for aging parents.

There’s also a Thanksgiving sale over at Omaha Steaks (click for coupons & combos that ship free), so check that out as a gift option for your carnivore friends!

Gourmet Thanksgiving Gift Baskets (Even Quiche!)

thanksgiving quiche harry david

Can’t decide on a single item? Gourmet gift baskets may be the way to go. With over a dozen to choose from, there’s something for everyone’s budget and tastes. Harry & David gift baskets give an assortment of their finest gourmet foods and wine. From sweet to savory, the choice is yours. Spread the “Thanks” this Thanksgiving season to your clients and employees with a personalized gift basket they’ll gobble.

Saving the best for last – dessert. Think outside the pumpkin pie box, with H&D’s excellent dessert selection. On top of the pumpkin cheesecake and pecan pie, check out the chocolate dipped pears and apples. And for something a little more decadent, Harry & David’s chocolate truffles are sumptuous.

Seasonal Thanksgiving Sale: Appetizers, & Gourmet Gift Ideas From Harry & David

thanksgiving garfieldOf course you could pack the minivan with the kiddos and prep for that 9 hour drive to your cousins instead, but why not save the headaches and money and simply send some love in the form of a Harry & David Thanksgiving gift?

Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday.  People travel thousands of miles to be with people they only see once a year.  And then discover once a year is way too often.” – Johnny Carson

*Check out these thanksgiving appetizer ideas from Harry & David.

Whatever you decide, just be sure to use a coupon for up to a 20% discount or free shipping! Also, there are a number of new coupons for omahasteaks.com for up to 50% off + free delivery! 

Also, you probably won’t feel very good about yourself the day after Thanksgiving, so please consider one of our coupons for popular diets at mightydiets.com! You can save $20 or more towards Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem & more.

harry david hanukkah gifts

Kosher Gift Ideas: Harry & David Coupons for Hanukkah & Passover

harry david logoKosher Harry & David Coupons – Shalom! Want to impress your Jewish friends this coming Hanukah? Or perhaps you’re celebrating it and want to spread the joy, while showing respect for your faith? Consider sending a kosher gift basket from harryanddavid.com, and get up to a 20% discount or free delivery when you use a coupon below:

harry david hanukkah cookies

Kosher Gift Ideas at Harryanddavid.com for Hanukkah, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, or Shiva: Free Shipping on $59+ or Up to a 20% Discount

Whether a practicing Jew or not, gifting kosher presents from Harry & David would make you a “yiddisher kop” (a smart person for you non-Yiddish speakers). As most Jewish holidays have roots that are deeply embedded in tradition, the practice of keeping within kosher dietary law is highly regarded amongst common festivities.

Here’s 4 great occasions to send kosher gifts;

  1. Any Jewish holiday. While Hanukkah and Passover are the most popular for gift giving, other celebrations such as Shavuot, Tu B’shvat, and Purim involve kosher foods and receiving them is a special treat. Harry & David go the extra mile to create abundant gift baskets with kosher foods that are traditionally eaten during these special days. Included are foods such as fresh and dried fruit, nuts and honey.
  2. Jewish New Year’s. Rosh Hashanah is a widely celebrated holiday. Generally occurring in the month of September, it has its own set of traditions. Among them is dipping apple slices in honey and eating honey cake. Harry & David are renowned for the delicious fresh fruit. Try pairing a fruit basket with a jar of kosher honey, or save yourself that hassle and choose 1 of the 3 gift baskets that come with a jar of honey from Harry & David.
  3. Any observed Jewish celebrations. Just like in any faith, special life moments are great times to recognize your fellow Jewish friend or family. Between weddings and baby showers, new homes and promotions, kosher presents are a nice way to show you care. Gourmet fresh fruit from harryanddavid.com are both kosher and healthy. The Triple Treat Deluxe Fruit basket pairs oranges and apples with their famous Royal Riviera pears.
  4. Any honored Jewish passage. Have a Bar Mitzvah or a Shiva around the corner? Be a mentsh (Yiddish for a genuine, caring person) and consider sending kosher gifts. Instead of flowers, show your sympathy by sending a fresh fruit basket for a Shiva. Also, saving money is appreciated in any religion, so please use a new coupon code before placing any order!

harry david hanukkah coupon

Harry and David Jewish / Kosher Gift Baskets + New Coupons

For the most faithful Jewish person, kosher diets are upheld year round, not just during celebrations. It is regarded as important for one’s spiritual health. The dietary laws of kosher eating and foods can be quite complicated and detailed, but perhaps you’d like to consider some of their seasonal fruit, like Honeybells and oranges, or their fruit of the month clubs.

Rather than explaining the intricate features, I’ll save you my spiel and simply recommend choosing already made kosher gift baskets and kosher wine from Harry and David. They are best in class for the utmost Jewish connoisseur; and everyone loves using a coupon!

harry david kosher gift ideas

moose munch coupon

Moose Munch Popcorn at Harry & David: Coupons & Free Shipping

harry david logoMoose Munch Sale at Harry & David(look for a coupon below) What a delicious, decadent, gourmet treat. It’s perfect as a gift by itself, as Bark, or as part of a gift basket or tower.

moose munch harry david


moose munch bark

Moose Munch: A Rhyme About This Sinister Tasty Popcorn & Chocolate Treat from Harry & David

moose munch popcornSo, just how good is Moose Munch Popcorn? So good, that it inspired us to tell you in rhyme:

Moose Munch is the way to go. Not sure exactly what Moose Munch is? Read below:

Picture this:

Mounds of Gourmet popcorn, smothered in decadent caramel,
Mixed together with flavors like dark chocolate fleur de sel,
Some packages have nuts, others have dried fruit thrown in,
Whatever flavor suits your fancy, they can package in a tin.

Great for family gifts or the neighbor next door,
Make sure you have some extra on hand, for when they ask for more.
Don’t forget your business clientele, partners and employees,
Moose Munch comes in sizes from a few bags to 64 mini’s.

moose munch assortment

Use a Coupon for Moose Munch Popcorn from Harry & David!

You can’t go wrong with a gift of Moose Munch this holiday season. Send a tin, bag, or box of happiness, sure to light a smile, for every adult and child. I have a hunch they’ll love their Moose Munch, and you’ll love saving a few bucks when you use a coupon code for free shipping.

Moose Munch Recommendation

What’s better than the delicious combination of salty and sweet that makes Moose Munch so good? How about a bottle of red wine. Sure. it could be Harry & David’s brand, (expensive) but It doesn’t even have to be good wine, just enough so the alcohol kicks in and sharpens your senses and focuses you on the tasty Moose munch.

harry david oranges coupon

Harry & David: Oranges, Citrus, & Honeybells Coupons

harry david logoCoupon for Oranges from Harry & David: If you’re a fan of sending Harry & David’s pears around the Holidays, consider their delicious citrus gifts as well. Their famous Honey Bell oranges, Sumo Citrus Mandarins, oranges, and grapefruit are a delicious, bright alternative.

Check out the seasonal selection below, and don’t forget to use a coupon!

honeybells harry david citrus coupon

Send Harry & David Citrus With Guaranteed Quality

I bought a case of oranges the other day, only to discover later that they were dry and stringy on the inside. No one in the family would eat them so I threw out the remainder of the box. What a shame. I should’ve returned them, but didn’t keep the receipt (who keeps grocery receipts anyway?)

Anyhow, I’m tired of throwing darts at citrus fruit these days in hopes that they’ll meet my expectations (fresh and tasty – I don’t ask for much). So I’m switching to Harry and David famous Honeybell oranges, grapefruits and pears. Grown locally on their Oregon orchards and hand-picked ensures I receive only the finest quality fruit.

Never cheap, it’s always a good idea to use a coupon code whenever possible for a significant discount:

Harry & David Sumo Citrus Mandarin Oranges

Check out this picture for Harry and David’s Sumo Citrus Mandarins: Just the picture alone speaks a million words (they look like candy), but it’s the description that will convince you. “…a little larger and far easier to peel than the typical mandarin oranges. They’re also seedless and sweeter than most other kinds of citrus.” They are, or course, most famous for their delicious & seedless Honeybells, which are actually a hybrid of a Tangerine and a Duncan Grapefruit. (who knew?)

Oranges & Citrus from Harry & David

sumo citrus oranges harry davidBesides being sweet and juicy, oranges are little balls of good health; sometimes a much better idea than sending chocolates or wine. Here’s a reminder why these fruits should be a staple in your daily diet:

  1. One orange meets your daily value of the ever important vitamin C. Well known to boost your immune system, oranges pack all you need of this vital nutrient in just one fruit. Add an orange to your daily breakfast and feel great the rest of the day.
  2. Antioxidants. Similar to other fruits and berries, these round juicy mandarins contain enough of it to repair and slow down free radical damage in your body. The direct benefit? Younger looking skin than the age you’re at, according to TheHealthSite.com. Try replacing your sugar-laden OJ for the real deal fruit in your smoothies and taste the difference.
  3. Reduce your risk of stroke. An interesting study reported by the American Health Association  shows that including citrus fruits “especially oranges and grapefruit, may lower ischemic stroke risk.”
  4. Healthy – Most successful diets and weight loss programs including Weight Watchers, advocate eating fresh fruit

grapefruits harry david

Always Use a Coupon Code at harryanddavid.com!

There are always coupon codes available for Harry & David for up to a 20% discount or free shipping.

Lucky for us, Harry and David offers a favorite package of navel oranges, blood oranges, and grapefruits. Currently just $34.95 you get over 6lbs of premium citrus fruit. (That’s a substantial gift!) Complete your breakfast package by adding a loaf of their home-baked pineapple macadamia nut cake. Yum!

Winter Gift Idea: Send Honeybell or Sumo Citrus Mandarin Oranges!

Know of someone who could use a healthy gift? Be sure to shop Harry and David’s classic Fresh Fruit basket.  Containing a wide selection of fine fruit this basket will uplift anyone’s spirit, including your own!

send oranges online coupon

To keep up my New Year’s resolution (hope you haven’t forgotten yours already!), I’ve signed up for Harry and David’s Fruit of the Month Club. This is a great way to guarantee you eat your fruit and keep your promise of a healthier you in 2014. I will no longer shred money on mandarins grown in Spain that are picked out of peak season! Eat local, eat USA.

fruit of month harry david

Fruit of the Month Club: Harry & David Coupon

harry david logoFruit of the Month Clubs from Harry and David: Usually, a one time gift like a fruit basket or box of pears is enough of a special gift to send a loved one or friend. For those extra-special gifts that keep on giving, consider Harry & David’s Fruit of the Month Clubs; a popular gift idea since 1936!

Fruit of the Month Clubs Coupons: Get a 10% Discount or More

These types of gifts are certainly considered a top tier gift, so they aren’t ever cheap. Even though the clubs of longer durations work out to be a better deal, they can put a dent in your pocketbook compared to just sending a box of pears. Click below, and always look for their seasonal 10% off coupon code. (above)

Mmm… that fruit looks fresh and tasty! As you can guess, the gist of the club is that fresh, seasonal fruit is sent once each month for as few as three months to the home or business of your choice. They have more than just fruit in these clubs, too. Here’s an overview:

harry david fruit month club

Popular Fruit Clubs: Harry & David

  • Fruit Only Clubs: Signature, and Signature Light: Their most popular offerings include fresh seasonal fruit delivered each month; guaranteed to be in perfect condition. Favorites include pears, peaches, mangoes, and cherries.
  • Favorites Clubs: In these, they add custom favorite hand-picked gift baskets and treats like Moose Munch as well as their most popular pears and fruits. A favorite of mine is the pears and cheese 3 month selection
  • Fruit & Cheese Club – Great for those who love gourmet entertaining, this club pairs fresh fruit and artisan cheese.
  • Fruit Medley Clubs – Two or more seasonal varieties of hand selected fruit each month.
  • Organic Fruit Club – All organic fruit exceeds USDA organic regulations
  • Monthly Flowers / Orchid Clubs: I bet you didn’t know that Harry & David sells flowers and plants! With this option you get pre-planted bulbs that will grow stunning plants and flowers. Interested in just flowers?
  • Harry & David Wine Clubs – Click for today’s coupons and get a 10% discount or more!
  • Valentine’s Day Tower Fruit Clubs – 6 month club starting in February with their famous Valentine’s Day Tower of Treats, then 5 more months of gourmet fruit like pears, strawberries, and cherries.

Fruit of the Month Clubs from Harry & David – A Great Monthly Gift Club Idea; Don’t Forget the Coupon!

While Harry & David sends popular fruits like their pears and peaches directly from Southern Oregon, they obviously can’t do so with fruit like mangoes and pineapples. So, they’ve partnered with a network of growers around North America to harvest the freshest tropical fruit at the peak of freshness, sent in-season as part of the Fruit of the Month Clubs.

harry david wine gifts

Harry & David Wine Coupons: Up to 20% Off or Free Shipping

harry david logoCoupons for Harry & David Wine Gifts: Whoever said “Sometimes wine is just necessary” is so right. A delicious meal comes together with a great vintage and good times are shared amongst friends.

Now it’s easier than ever to send a bottle of wine with the help of HarryandDavid.com – especially one crafted from their own brand. They have a number of great gourmet gifts and monthly clubs that include wine, including the ones below. Use a coupon code for up to a 20% discount or free shipping:

harry david red wines

Wine & Wine Baskets from Harry & David

harry david red wine bottleNestled in the foothills of Medford, Oregon it only seems fitting that Harry & David expand their orchards to produce wine grapes. And so they did, launching 9 wines in November 2012. Today their line-up includes 7 reds and 5 whites, using grapes grown and crushed on their property. They’ve enlisted winemaker Linda Donovan, to oversee and create their collection. The result? A full line-up of great wine from a great company.

For your convenience, Harry & David have created gift wine baskets that include one of their craft wines. There are a number of Kosher gift baskets available for Hanukkah or other Jewish holidays as well.

Specifically paired to complement the gourmet food they offer, Harry & David have taken the guess work out of the question “what wine goes with what?” for you.

For example, check out their Dessert Wine and Truffles Gift basket. What a fun way to end a meal? Pairing delicious handmade truffles from their candy kitchen with their Beeson wine (a Tempranillo varietal), is a flavor marriage from heaven. (Adding wine to one of their fruit of the month clubs is a decadent gourmet gift idea!)

harry david wine gift basket

Harry & David Wine & Cheese or Wine Clubs

Why not add a little class to your Harry & David gift by selecting one of their bottles to go with it? Most of their gift baskets can be upgraded by selecting a bottle of suggested wine. At their modest price, this addition is sure to be a hit. Simply click the “wine” button on your basket of choice and a list of perfectly pair-able wines appears for your choosing.

But in case you’re still not sure which wine would be best, here’s a little wine education summarized from foodandwine.com. Study the pairings and impress even the snootiest wine connoisseur.

  1. Unoaked White (like Sauvignon Blanc, Albarino & Vermentino) generally pairs well with most fish from the flakiest white to the oiliest red.
  2. Try Reislings with ethinic spicy foods. Their dry sweetness won’t add extra heat and may off-set the spices.
  3. Got beef? There’s nothing like a deep Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Pinot Noir (especially for your bison) A bottle of red sounds great right now with some Moose Munch popcorn. Mmmm…
  4. Match your drink with the sauce. If you’re making a white wine sauce to go with the chicken or turkey, the wine should also be a similar white. Likewise if making a zesty red wine sauce with pork, choose a light red.
  5. Click for more great food & wine pairings

harry david wine gift basket

Use a Coupon for a 10% Discount or More on Harry and David Wine Gifts

In my opinion, one could say wine is slightly like art. Great taste is in the mouth of the drinker. Personally, blends have caught my taste buds recently. Worth noting are Harry & David’s Ross Lane Red Blend (best to begin a meal paired with pates and baked brie) and their Royal Crest Red (beautifully paired with red meats, oranges, and cheese). I’ll leave you with one my favorite wine quotes:

“I cook with wine. And I sometimes even add it to the food.” – Ha, ha. True.

It’s also true that,“a penny saved is a penny earned,” so don’t forget to use one of our featured promo codes before placing your order!

harry david chocolate pretzels

Valentine’s Day Coupons for Harry & David: 15% Off or Free Shipping

logo harry david squareHarry & David Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Well, this weekend is February already, and before you know it it’s going to be Valentine’s day. By the way, did you know that people spend over a billion dollars on chocolate and candy for Valentine’s Day? (That includes over 35 million of those heart-shaped boxes of chocolates!) You can help save a little of that with the coupons for Harry & David below!

valentines day ecard funny

harry david valentines coupons

Valentine’s Day: Send Gourmet Gifts from Harry & David!

With all of the gift options online, somehow I still end up being the winding line of guy in line at the supermarket at 5pm on Valentine’s Day. This year is going to be different. I’m ordering Harry & David’s Valentine’s Day Tower of Treats instead, which features some of Harry & David’s famous pears, along with Moose Munch popcornCheesecake Factory, and chocolates.

harry david cheesecake bon bons valentines

A Gourmet Alternative to Sending Flowers

Yikes: The dark origins of Valentine’s Day! Being a frugal person, the annual coupon code for a 20% discount is enough to make me feel even better. Speaking of coupons, if you are among the 64% of men sending or buying flowers this Valentine’s Day, consider our exclusive coupon code for a 20% discount at FTD(The total amount spent on flowers actually eclipses that of candy, totaling nearly $2 billion!)

gingerbread trailer valentine harry david

Harry & David Flowers & Wine on Valentine’s Day

If you want to kill two birds with one stone (what a terrible expression!) consider adding flowers or wine to your Harry and David Valentine’s order, (they have Kosher wine too!) as it usually doesn’t significantly increase the shipping cost. (Always check for a free shipping coupon here before placing an order!) My favorite is the mini rose garden, or their gingerbread love trailer, which is pretty funny. You can also consider a beautiful flowering gardenia plant in a rustic flowerpot.

harry david valentines day tower

Use a coupon on every order!

There’s always a promo code or two available to use towards your order at harryanddavid.com that can save you up to 20%, or get you free shipping. (usually a minimum order amount is required) 

If you do opt for free shipping, consider that it’s usually “standard” shipping speed, so don’t procrastinate on your order! New: Consider sending a custom photo gift or greeting card from Snapfish this Valentine’s Day!